Ubisoft @ E3 2017

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Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke1po72X8i8

Time of start is 4 PM EDT/1 PM PDT.

We regret to inform you that South Park will be at this event.


I look forward to some Ass Creed

hey remember last year when the literal only people to grace a stage at E3 that didn’t have the Orlando memorial pins were the south park guys? anyways i can’t wait for aisha tyler to have to single-handedly carry the shitshow that is ubisoft’s press conferences once again


I thought Aisha wasn’t here this year?

oh my god really? what the fuck are they gonna possibly do lmao

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I hope they show off a ton of Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle, so it doesn’t have to show up at the Nintendo event.

I also hope it doesn’t look absolutely awful, but come on, gotta be realistic here.


honestly i’d rather see a full half-hour of the rabbids slappin each other in the ass with plungers or whatever than have to remember that south park exists

She isn’t, it’s only developers who are hosting.

Beyond AC and Far Cry, I want to see what The Crew 2 is like. I heard the 1st one was okay, but could’ve been better. The road trip concept sounded amazing, but the missions around it seemed uncompelling. They can make something extremely fun in the sequel, but we’ll have to see.

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IIRC no one from EA did either, though they were the first conference to follow the shooting, and the pins weren’t a thing until a little while afterward.That said, they didn’t do anything to acknowledge what had happened (at least during the conference itself), and half of their conference was (understandably, but still) first person shooters. It left a bad taste.

Honestly happy to not have to hear Aisha Tyler’s “people mistake me for a dude all the time LOL” jokes this year.


honestly i always chalked those up to bad scriptwriting but in reality i have no idea how much banter the hosts are given free reign with

also yeah EA was like, immediately afterwards and i don’t think anyone was surprised? EA is always like base-level violence-driven bullshit so i feel like it almost woulda been ruder to stand on stage next to a dozen shooter games with the pins anyways. it’s a complicated position but i think they lucked out getting to go first

Ubisoft: allow us to produce more popular and well-known people from another company to do this presentation for us!

Contra (1987)


Back to back like they’re on the cover of Lethal Weapon

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Well, I just got sold a Switch.


The energy of that gameplay is really stunning

Okay, for real though, this is incredible and I want this now! Mario XCOM is great!

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