Ubisoft @ E3 2017


Peach just learned she can defend herself with a gun.

Let’s see Bowser try anything now!


i did not expect to want a mario and rabbids tactical rpg but hey. it’s a bizzare world


Mario x Rabbids x XCOM coming out Aug 29, 2017


That actually
That actually looked really good?


please help I want a rabbids game now I never signed up for this


I think I expected to hear Algiers at this conference even less than I expected a Mario tactics shooter.



I’m really kinda excited about the environments in Assassin’s Creed:Origins. I’ve been watching documentaries about civilizations like the Hittites in the region 3000 years ago.


Same here. The further back in history they go the more interested I am in seeing the world they build. I haven’t played one of these games in a looooong time so I’m excited to jump back in.


Any recommendations actually? Or should I just look around Netflix?


I honestly can’t tell if this is rendered or film.


Happy to see the Crew 2 isn’t a crime story.



Here’s the one I’ve been watching lately.


If Mario x Rabbids is successful, Zelda x Minions is next.


fuck yes


Between the Crew 2 and Anthem, lighting-technology seems to have made a significant jump in the last few years.


Showing South Park in a conference that had Miyamoto on stage feels like sacrilege.


Elijah Wood, Virtual Reality visionary


The feel of that horror game has me really excited


“Enter the Home of a Mind” is the funniest tagline i’ve seen this year