Ubisoft @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


It’s kind of cool that Odyssey is completely unrecognizable as an Assassin’s Creed game. They really made Origins feel like a period piece, and this looks like it’s going even more in that direction. Hope they keep that cool mode where you walk around and get told about the ancient world that they put in Origins.

They made Socrates look like Ancient Greek Slavo Zizek. That is all.


I am not sure what stuff I can or can’t say from pre-release betas etc but… the open beta is probably going to be a great way to see if you like the handling models (and see the mainly locked event trees if it’s similar to the closed betas). It’s not just the last game’s handling model with new vehicle types.

Also I wouldn’t bet that wasn’t in-engine cut-scenes and footage in the trailer. Lots of the game is pushing that real-time rendering stuff pretty hard in places, including using it for a lot of the cut-scene between events.

Edit: This is slander. That was far closer to Greek Ian McShane letting the beard grow out.


There is no way they don’t omit pederasty from Greek history, and that’s probably for the best. But I can’t help but wonder what them tackling that…being a normal thing in this place in this time would be.

I need this games art book in my life. I’m really into all these neo-Hellenistic statues.


I can play a modern Assassin’s Creed as an incredibly damned cool looking lady protagonist = instant purchase and I will play the hell out of it oh dang Kassandra looked so cool sorry I’m just rambling now but hell yeah


Y’all I’m on that Odyssey hype train so hard right now.


It’s gonna be the biggest missed opportunity in the world if they don’t put Diogenes in Odyssey.


Who would ever play as the dude in Odyssey? Kassandra looks so cool. The latest Assassins Creed I played was Syndicate, and it wasn’t good, but this one… those environments! Aaah!


My only complaint with Odyssey is that Kassandra isn’t Gwendoline Christie-sized


Odyssey looks really nice, although I think I’m still tempted to just pick up Origins if I’m going to get back into AC.


There sure have been a lot of conferences so far with a lot of good looking games on show.

This, Bethesda, and MS all really showing off a lot.

Edit: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee…


The Beyond Good & Evil 2/ HITRECORD stuff left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the Ubi conference but hey, I’m gay and capable of being pandered to.


Being able to play a woman and be gay means Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be my first AC game haha.


I want to play a polyam gay Kass. The AC game last time looked kinda interesting but the woman protagonist getting not a ton of time put me off a bit. Will almost certainly buy this


Gay options are always always always appreciated, but I’m still waiting for a AAA game where the protagonist is canonically gay.

Sony @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread

I really like AC Origins and will probably pick up Odyssey, but I’m super disappointed that the Spartans are the “good” guys considering they were arguably the most abhorrent culture in Greece at the time.


It looks like Kasandra is Athenian and generic male is Spartan, what’s interesting about that is women being in romantic and sexual relationships with women was way more of an accepted thing in Sparta because vast majority of the men were constantly off dying in Proto-Fascist rituals and wars. There were definitely gay girls in Athens too (duh) but it wasn’t nearly as much of an openly acknowledged thing.


Is that what they’re going for with the story? I know it doesn’t change no matter who you choose to play as. But I’m pretty sure they said Kasandra is Athenian. It’d be really weird for her to befighting Athens or any other Greek city-state for that matter on behalf of Sparta.


Is she Athenian? All I’m going off of was the trailer/gameplay in the presentation and it really seemed like the both protags where Spartan considering the spear of Leonidas and the red-themed outfit. It is set in during the Peloponnesian War which the Spartan-lead alliance won and the Spartan camp was the “friendly” camp.

I hope they do take a more nuanced approach and show how awful the Spartans actually were, but considering the geek-boner for Spartans after 300 I’m not optimistic.


Neither am I. I feel like they’re just gonna ignore a lot of Greek history. Like the fact that slavery was extremely widespread and normal all over Greece (although Sparta easily had the most slaves). Or the fact that Sparta was a Fascist state before Fascism was a defined thing. Or Pederasty. Even if they touch on stuff like Athenian Democracy they’re probably not gonna mention that the only people who could vote were old rich white men.

If they actually try to touch on these things, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. But I won’t be surprised if they just don’t include them either.


Yeah, Sparta was extremely fascist, extremely slaver, extremely naked, and extremely gay. I doubt we’re going to get that.


From what I understand, the protagonist is a mercenary and I’ve seen a video that makes it sound like you can alter the outcome of the war by deciding which side to fight for.