Ubisoft @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


Hopefully all those people who wasted 120 hours of their lives playing as BroShep learned their lesson, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Skull & Bones looks rad, ngl. Pirates rule.

That For Honor update is gonna make that totally unplayable for several months. Ubisoft is really bad at balancing DLC characters

If Odyssey winds up being a Templar prequel, yeah, okay, I can get down with that


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I played dude-shep because I wanted to be a queer guy and I feel less bad about that decision after Jen Hale said some really gross shit about autism a few months back


We live in a world where Ubisoft is stealing Bioware’s fanbase. 2018 is wild.


So who else is totally downloading Uplay and making an account just like Ubisoft wants for “For Honor” I get having to manage friend lists and usernames is a hassle but steam is being just the worst at every turn.


This is going to sound really bad but it’s actually a much much better payment method then Valve’s for UGC I feel. It’s not good but it is at least better than what exists.

(This is from someone who has already posted it on the internet)

I mean at least you can argue for a flat rate instead of 0.18% :upside_down_face:



The gay stuff gets really overblown when talking about Ancient/Classical Greece. Homosexuality wasn’t really a concept in the culture it was more about penetrating vs being penetrated. Penetrating anyone of lower status was culturally ok, though penetrating someone of equal or greater status carried the penalty of death or exile. There were some exceptions for equals when it was consenting, most notably soldiers on campaign. Also pederasty is hard to really know, but experts generally agree it wasn’t institutionalized child rape it was just a mentor-apprentice relationship. The commonality of sexual abuse in that relationship is impossible to know.

Otherwise, yeah Sparta was bad.


I’ve always had mixed feelings about Assassin’s Creed. I love history based games, and AC is one of the few (the only??) major non-strategy series with historical settings. I really enjoyed Origins overall. But I really don’t dig their Fantasy History visual aesthetic and the supernatural elements. I really crave something more historically authentic***

One of the major issues I have with the series is they often really fail to engage or comment on the periods they are set in, and Odyssey seems to be continuing that trend. Origins said nothing about the slavery, misogyny, and sexual violence that were a major part of Greek and Roman culture. I mean, in Greek society women were not only not allowed to vote - they weren’t allowed to dine with the men, or even be in the same part of the house. To the Romans, a ‘Greek-Style’ house was one with a separate wing just for women. Greek women were not supposed to be heard or seen, unless they were hired entertainers. Relative to the Greeks, the Romans were practically progressive about women’s right, which says a lot! Roman women could go outside without their husband’s or father’s permission (gasp!), own and run businesses, free slaves, and dine among the men.

There are other issues as well, such as the exposure of infants, which often gets swept under the carpet (although, in Odyssey this seems to be a plot point at least!). Which itself was often sexist. Here is an actual letter from around the period of Assassin’s Creed Origins, written by a man in Alexandria to a female relative:

…Know that we are still even now in Alexandria. Do not worry if when all the others return I remain in Alexandria. I beg and beseech of you to take care of the little child, and as soon as we receive wages I will send them to you. If-good luck to you!-you bear offspring, if it is a male, let it live; if it is a female, expose it… - Oxyrhynchus papyrus 744. G

It just doesn’t sit well with me that issues like these are ignored, although I understand they would be difficult to tackle well. They aren’t comfortable or pleasant, but a lot of the sexist and even homophobic tropes (for example the submissive and effeminate homosexual man, manly homosexual woman, and the moral panics about reversed gender roles) that exist today are rooted in the deeply patriarchal, militaristic and ‘macho’ Greek and Roman societies. I feel like they should say something about it.

I’ll probably still mostly enjoy Odyssey. I like the more RPG elements, like the conversations. I like the boats! And I’m happy they finally have a female character…and the gayness! Finally!! Take note Bioware!

***All the caveats of historical authenticity/accuracy apply. Yes, we can’t and will never know everything. And everything we ‘know’ is filtered and tempered by the views and biases of scholars and modern society.

[EDIT: Ooof, noticed a major botanical faux-pas in one of the Odyssey gameplay trailers - prickly pear cacti (Opuntus ficus-india) are present, but cacti are native to the Americas. That species in particular comes from modern Mexico, and are edible. The Maya and Aztecs cultivated them. Prickly pears are really common in the Mediterranean these days, because of their edible fruit and their usefulness in erosion control.]


mlm and masc queer folks who wanna be gay? people who pick the male option for the character choices don’t only include cishet dudes. i mean, i didn’t pick m!shep for a variety of reasons, but for a real long time, video games were the only safe way i could explore my gender.


Yeah, I kind of second this sentiment as a gay guy who still hasn’t really gotten a lot of games representation outside of RPGs. I played all three Mass Effect games as m!Shep and finally started accepting my sexuality around the final game and decide to romance someone other than Liara for the final game. Not a lot of options, but still.


Probably not as good as MS or Bethesda, but Ubi brought a strong crop of games.

Still not sure about Beyond Good & Evil 2. Or the Division 2 - seems far too po-faced for what it is (belonged on the Sony conference surely).

All in for Donkey Kong Rabbids, Ar Wings, Pirates and new Ass Creed. After Origins, I’m digging Ancient Greece for Odyssey. Also really liking all the Wonder Woman vibes! Can’t wait to start using the photo mode - easily the best bit of Origins. Hope there will be a new historical mode. Christmas is so much nicer when you’ve got somewhere sunnier to go!

Also did I miss it? Where was Splinter Cell?


I’m so excited for this game! I can relate, the main reason I bought AC Origins, was because I got to play a black man in Ancient Egypt. The characters in that game ended up being a lot more nuanced than I expected, so I have high hopes for Odyssey. Although I agree with @GraphicViolets that Aya could’ve used a lot more screen time.

I’m gonna play Kass for sure, but after listening to the Waypoint Cast of day 0, I really wanna play this aloof version of Alexios.


I was excited to see more BGaE2, I haven’t played the first one and still don’t know much about this one, but it looks so cool. Not sure how I feel about the JGL stuff, on one hand fans get to contribute, on the other hand they’re trying to get work on the game done for free.
Everyone talking about Ass Creed has me thinking I might actually try this one, but we’ll see.
Definitely getting the DK DLC for Mario and Rabbids as soon as I beat what I’ve got. I’ve been playing recently so hopefully soon.
I’ll probably look more into the Pirate game but I’m not sure about anything else.


So that polygon interview
“The Division 2 isn’t political”
cut to shooting “looters” for the first 10 hours of the game


The disengenous cowardice of Ubisoft on this is really rankling. Especially in a post-2016 election world.


I’d be outraged, but I think these dudes seriously don’t realize they’re making a political statement. Like, they’re just that sheltered and politically ignorant, these guys think racism and the like only exist in its most basic and obvious form. And these are the people that have been given millions of dollars to fund their creative visions.


A shooter set in Washington, which would presumably allow you to have a firefight in the white house, probably even the Oval office. No dude that’s not political! That’s badass! That’s what that is! Shooting guns in the white house. Not political at all.



And the cycle starts anew.

I know gamers decry bringing politics into games but Ubisoft really bring it on themselves. When you go out of your way to envoke modern political strife and Trump refrences like “Make Hope Great Again” in Far Cry 5, you’re the one to blame when people talk to you about politics.