Ubisoft Game Used Black Lives Matter Fist as Symbol of Terrorist Organization

Ubisoft released Tom Clancy Elite Squad on mobile devices last week to widespread condemnation. Originally, Umbra, the game’s villains, used the symbol of a black clenched fist—a popular anti-fascist symbol that has become synonymous with Black protest movements in America. 

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I feel like the Tom Clancy brand is really poisonous and game developers should just avoid it.

The Rainbow Six franchise has has done a hard nose dive into GI Joe territory and science fiction instead of exhaustive military detail + hyper conservatism, and it seems all the better for it.


It’s weird that Rainbox Six literally started with villainous eco-terrorists trying to release a genetically-engineered plague and now it’s the less problematic Clancy franchise.


God, I forgot about that. All I remember from my 12 year old experience of playing Rainbow Six is the goat, Ding Chavez.

I’ll never forgive what they did to my boy.

They took my sour patch child and made him a generic call of duty guy.



God, Ubisoft is so radioactive now. Just an utter failure of leadership from top to bottom on this.

“It’s impossible for Ubisoft to be apolitical, but that claims of being “apolitical” can be a fig-leaf for deeply reactionary, toxic politics.”

Can we please have this phrase printed on every Ubisoft game and on a good chunk of the other AAA?


So anybody got odds on them putting in deus vult style white supremacist bullshit in their Viking game?

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Isn’t there a character that’s a part of those Brazilian death squads?

Also: nepotism.


I’d say AC is too wokelib for that, but i dunno, they seem to have become exhausted from playing woke post-Origins and have just spiralled down a weird hole. Maybe it’ll be their way of one-upping Odyssey’s straightwashing real big.

They went with the more ~specialized~ (read: more closed-doors torture, less daylight killings) BOPE instead of the more workaday bootscum of ROTAM you usually see jerking off over mutilating rioters or whatever. So basically, yes.

“Rich French-Canadian CEO’s Son Develops First Work As Mobile Tom Clancy Game About BLM, Company Is Shocked At Outrage” is a pretty okay Hard Drive headline


You mean the company that wanted us to invade Bolivia for cocaine and a couple years ago made a game where the crazy white supremacist cult was right had questionable politics? No fucking shit.

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