Ubisoft Gave 50 Devs Exclusive NFTs And One Person’s Already Sold Theirs

When Ubisoft revealed in early April that it was winding down support for Ghost Recon Breakpoint a little more than two years after its initial release, it also meant winding down Ubisoft’s messy first foray into the world of cryptocurrency through NFTs. As part of that process, the company issued 50 “developer caps,” employee-specific NFTs, to mark the occasion.

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Ubisoft just announced some kind of “battle arena” (explicitly not a battle royale) thing called “Project Q” that’s going into early testing and one of the first five things they said was “We have no plans to add NFTs to this.” And that’s what Ubisoft is going to have to do now. They played stupid games and now they get to wear the Scarlet N(FT). Every game they ever make from now on is going to be hounded with NFT questions until they stop doing them on a company level.

Articles like this help me remember that even though I have done some stupid stuff in my life I have never tried buying dad hats for a dying/dead game in an attempt to flip them for 2 million USD.


A technical quirk appeared after connecting his Ubisoft account with his Epic Games account, somehow locking him out of access to his NFTs in the game, he said.