Ubisoft’s E3 2017 Conference Was the Purest Joy to Behold


Now that the pressers are all behind us, we can all look back and appreciate the unreserved happiness evident on their stage.

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I almost feel like I’m restating the article, but I feel that I need to point out how much I appreciated both the conference, and the article for capturing pretty much precisely how I felt.

Ubisoft didn’t try to sell me on a xtreme gaming BEAST that I will not be able to afford for the next 5-10 years. EA spun their wheels in place and quite honestly I don’t remember anything about that conference. There was a car? Science-Fiction. BioWare?
Bethesda started out well, but their overaching Bethesdaland thing felt gimmicky and weirdly put together. Not to mention the 54th, 55th and 58th edition of Skyrim.

Ubisoft actually showed the positive, human side of game development. People were enthusiastic, happy. They got emotional. Yves and Miyamoto radiated positivity. There was style, character and colour. It managed to make me briefly light up and feel good about games in a time where I’ve been feeling increasingly cynical about them (in our era of perpetual Milkshake Duck). And I’m not even a fan of Ubisoft nor Nintendo!


Michel Ancel made me cry when he teared up, he fought a real hard battle to get his franchise out there and I know so many friends who supported him for years and years to show BG&E is never going to fade from consciousness.

Ancel is our national pride. Bless him


you know, ubisoft gets a fair amount of crap as any big publisher does, but they deliver a lot of diverse games that my wife and i love and they make an effort to deliver co-op experiences as often as they can. its nice to see them get some credit for their good work, even if they don’t hit a home run every time


There was a small part of me that longed for the ubisoft trainwrecks of old because of how wonderfully unintionally comical they could be, but in retrospect I am just so happy that they managed to put on such a great show. With Vivendi breathing down their necks it must be incredibly cathartic to have your show go off without a hitch and it was great to the humanity shine through ubisoft for once, which is something I think they and their games have been missing for a good long while.


I always forget until we’re in the thick of it that even though I don’t always love the games Ubisoft’s is the most enjoyably bananas presser to watch. this year was fairly low key in terms of wackiness by Ubisoft standards, but instead they had, for my money, handily the best games of the show.