Ubisofts numbers clearly show subtitles should be mandatory

  • 60% of AC Origin players turned them on

  • 75% turned them on in the Division 2

  • Only 5% turned them off in AC Odyssey

  • Only 3% turned them off in FC New Dawn

There’s all the proof people need for why subtitles should be mandatory and if you skip them your an ass. Glaring angrily at Activision


I am a subtitle evangelist. Unless I’m wearing headphones, I use them all the time. But Assassin’s Creed’s habit of dropping the occasional malakas, nekat iadet or requiescat en pace makes it a bit of a special case.

Preferably, they would be one of the mandatory pre-game choices, like difficulty or brightness often are, but as long as I can turn them on before the game starts, I’m fine. The last game I remember that cold-opened without a chance to turn captions on was Tacoma. You had to play through the entire opening sequence, with all of the story set-up, before it let you turn them on. It soured me on that game more than it probably should’ve.

I’ve been playing a ton of AC Odyssey, and I really like the style of Ubisoft’s subtitles. Good size and font. Still, I wish games would give you some customization, or use the system-level styles rather than having them baked in. I’ve got a well-tuned style that I find pretty readable without being overly interfering (75% size, proportional sans-serif or small caps, yellow text with uniform black border, transparent window and background) and I wish I could use it in-game.


Yeah, I always turn on subtitles, and I play with headphones all the time. It’s much easier to follow what’s happening if you have two mediums for dialogue to get to you (and some games have odd default audio mixing, too).

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My spouse has auditory processing issues. they can hear that things happen, but they cannot always process what sounds are. Dialogue is the biggest victim of this because you have to focus to hear specific words, especially when they’re drowning in other sounds. So if we can’t get subtitles we don’t watch movies/TV shows and they just bounce off any game I’m playing If there aren’t subtitles.
I also have always used subtitles just because it is easier for me.


Personally, I don’t use subtitles as it forces me to move my eyes away from the action on the screen, and I can’t help but read them even if I can understand the dialogue perfectly. But of course I think they should be in every game (and should default as on) for accessibility purposes. Just let me turn them off as early as possible.

Subtitles are absolutely essential. I don’t want to play games without them. But you never know what you get. There should be settings for sizes, if they are merely for added clarity or if you are deaf, and choice of colour. I for example do not like when the subtitles have the name of whatever character speaking, but this is clearly important for people who can’t hear the voices.

Someone create an industry wide standard already!


Literally the first thing I do when I boot up a game is to turn on subtitles.

There’s a few things in play here for me:
Audio production on games (even at AAA level) is pretty uneven. I just don’t want to turn up the audio to a volume where the dialogue is not lost in the mix for me when the audio team hasn’t bothered to make sure dialogue is always clear. (I recognize this is hard: the nature of games means it’s hard to know exactly when all dialogue is going to be delivered)

For me gaming is a wind down activity a lot of the time, so the volume in my headphones is low.

Games feature a lot of unique vocabulary, and for whatever reason, I find it easier to learn that stuff if I see it in print.