Ugetsu Kitan (Obscure PS1 Horror)

Hola. How I even discovered this game was bizarre. So this game is Ugetsu Kitan, a visual novel adventure game for the PlayStation 1. It is an adaption of this

The game is weird and not much info seems to exists about it on the internet. I managed to snag a physical copy of the game. I recorded a long play for it and uploaded the game’s soundtrack to YouTube. I also uploaded the game’s ending, which does some fourth wall breaking a year or so before Metal Gear Solid. The game is text heavy so I have no clue what the story is. Apparently you stop an ill girl from commiting suicide and I guess she betrays you in the end? It’s seemingly not a happy ending.

Here’s the soundtrack. It’s surprisingly effective at creating a mood while you play. I can’t describe it. Forlorn?

Lastly, I also uploaded the game’s epilogue, a video that I had to extract from the disc. I don’t recall ever seeing it in the game. What does it mean? Who knows.

Edit: forgot to post the ending


Oh boy, thanks for posting this, I adore PS1-era Japanese horror games, they have this cohesive genre style I’ve never seen replicated, I’d love to just have a big collection of them translated and playable on PC or something.

If you’re not aware of it, this blog is a really good catalogue: (Ugetsu Kitan is actually third on the list!)

Will certainly pop back in this thread once I get a chance to watch the videos this evening.

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