Ugly Reports About Quantic Dream Have Us Rethinking ‘Detroit: Become Human’


On Waypoint's day off last week, a series of investigations into Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream broke out of France, outlining allegations of a deeply toxic studio culture. (There are good write-ups on both Kotaku and Eurogamer .) Austin, Danielle, Rob, and Patrick consider what this means for one of 2018's more high-profile games, and what we're supposed to do this information when eventually playing Detroit: Become Human. Elsewhere, we discuss our time with The Red Strings Club, Celeste, and They Are Billions.

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As a 3MA fan and a general fan of RTSs and their missions, I am very interested in Rob’s calling out specific missions from Warcraft 3 to make his point in the article.


I couldn’t care less about specific Warcraft 3 missions, but I still want to see Rob’s original masterpiece. You can’t talk about deleted #content on the internet and not expect people to want it!


It sad that the only way out these people take when accusations come up is hidden behind people they know as if that automatically makes them good. When stuff like black lives matter or when places were hit with bad storms, I don’t just say to people go help them I also put myself forward to those issues either by physically helping with the cause ore donating money or items to help. Not once Cage and his team have don’t any of that and have no right to say “Hey I know good people, that makes me good”.


Agreed. I see this all the time and I think it often comes from a well-meaning but simplistic and ignorant view of prejudice. My question is, how do I engage with someone in a way that will get them to broaden their understanding instead of becoming defensive? How do I explain to someone that being friendly with a black coworker doesn’t mean anything if they continue to support systemic systems of oppression, or support people in power who support those systems? If anybody figures this out, please let me know.


I think it depends if the person is willing to look into it more. I have a friend who is pretty naive with certain topics but he always been open since he hangs out with me and another person of color and we talk about trouble around us and he never goes ignore it. It also helps that my little friend group came from disability group from school so we have something related to connect.


You may have nailed it with the “willingness” part. I have been thinking a lot lately about something Nick Capozzoli tweeted recently…

Edit: Edited to add link to Nick’s post…and edited again to note the edit because I am bad at the internet.


“90’s kids know what I’m talking about.” -Rob Zacny

You know I do! I was just thinking about how Company of Heroes may be last advancement of the traditional RTS so I am all ready to hear about the wall building tradition since seen in AoEII. Let me into that flavor country.


I wasn’t too hot on Detroit in the first place. I remember first playing Fahrenheit and thinking it was the most amazing thing ever, but then as the game went on and became the Matrix it just lost me. Haven’t really been into Quantic Dream games since. Every thing I had seen about Detroit just made me think it was too on the nose or using CHOICES to form an illusion of depth. The last footage of the abusive father just felt way too top heavy in terms of over doing the emotion, not to mention feeling completely tone deaf. Now all this news has come out of the studio being a toxic work environment, it seems as if there is enough proof than ever to show how they’re perhaps not as well equipped to tackle all the ‘hard hitting’ subject matter they’ve praised themselves for grappling with in the past. I look forward to all the write ups uncovering everything the game did wrong. David Cage should probably stick to making movies. But let’s be honest, those would probably suck too.


I predict there will be one or two genuinely cool moments in Detroit, just like the diner scene in Fahrenheit that made me see that game through even as it went off the rails (or the birthday party in Beyond). But yeah now that Cage is really trying to “say something” without saying anything, a shitty game with one or two cool and effortful moments is going to more harm by existing than good.

As for Cage and movies, I think the elements of player choice in certain scenes in his games and the variety of ways scenes can play out are what make the few memorable bits of his output, well, memorable. The actual scripting is generally pretty weird and bad.

I think the most recent Jimquisition actually does a really good job of covering a good deal of this, and it also includes a counterargument from a person working at Quantic Dream (and Sterling does a great job at pointing out why that person’s positive experience at Quantic Dream doesn’t invalidate the accusations against the studio)

Video NSFW for Heavy Rain sex scene


This seems to be his thing. All he really seems to want is to be considered insightful (without doing any of the relevant work), and to get that nut off. He’s probably intelligent, but he wants to be seen as wise. The best way I can think to describe it is that he thinks but he doesn’t consider.

EDIT: Oh, and I hope he gets kicked to death by a horse.