Uh, Is Soulja Boy Selling Cheap Emulation Boxes? A Waypoint Investigation


Souja Boy, a rapper perhaps best known for making sure you tell ‘em, crank that (soulja boy), and celebrating the heroism of Superman, has returned to his love of video games. This time, though, he’s apparently selling emulation machines loaded with ROMs?

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Patrick Klepek please don’t get Soulja Boy busted


Soulja Boy, sell 'em?


Look, Soulja Boy is like the rest of us, seeing these classic editions come out from Sony and Nintendo and being disappointed each time. Now he steps up and gives us the retro console we’ve been itching for. Is that a crime?!

checks earpiece

It appears that it is, in fact, a crime. Carry on then.


I bet he wishes he had some going back in time potion.


He has to have some, he never runs out.


“I’m just a kid with a dream :man_shrugging:t5:



I think “awe” is the appropriate word in this situation. I am in absolute awe of someone running such an obvious, and obviously bad, scam.


with all the negativity in this thread I’d just like to say some of my best memories playing games growing up was on a bootleg classic gaming console emulator my aunt bought from a mall kiosk with 8 and 16 bit games. Bootlegs can be good. These look bad though.


i don’t think the negativity is towards bootlegs. he’s marked up the box by literally 375% and is arguably exploiting his fanbase (and cunningly employing his image as a silly ‘kid’) to turn an effortless buck. the dude is a fucking multimillionaire


ah shit I missed that price, what a goddamn scam. He’s like nearly 30 right?


28 and worth 30 mill

I have a lot to say about grown adult men who use “boys” and “kids” to ascribe a rascally, wide-eyed, foolhardy, childish hopefulness to themselves but suffice to say that Soulja Boy is doing a lot of the leg work for me today


Your not a rat are you Patrick? You wouldn’t want to snitch on Soulja would you? I trust you’ll use his machines wisely and with discretion.


I say let him sell cheaply made emulator boxes that are somehow still better than what Sony and Nintendo have to offer. He can’t do any more damage to the cause of game preservation than those two are, there’s no point in ever defending massive corporations actively destroying the ability to archive their creative works, and also it’s hilarious and we need laughs in this hell time.


Countdown till Lil B creates the TheBasedBox competing console that is just a bunch of games about feet.


Waypoint, give me the Soulja Boy emulation box stream. The people demand it.


Not denying this, but it would be cool if people could afford the laughs. I mean, there is humor in someone getting fleeced this badly but it’s a little meaner.


As a hip hop and basketball fan, I hear about fans getting fleeced all the time through limited run sneakers and clothing. Capitalism is exploitative and evil, sure, but I’m not going to worry about the ethics of clowning on my dumbass cousins blowing their paycheck on the latest ugly-ass Jordans. Sometimes you just need to laugh at the suckers.


Honestly it’s also kinda refreshing to hear about a rapper doing crime that isn’t just the most monstrous shit possible.

The Souljabox is morally dubious at best, but it’s better than whatever the fuck Takeshi69 is doing.


Oh, you mean… checks notes

Every possible crime?