Uh, Is Soulja Boy Selling Cheap Emulation Boxes? A Waypoint Investigation


This is exactly the kind of weird stuff I needed on a Wednesday afternoon lol.

And yo, the Souljagame Handheld looks just like a knock off of the Gameboy Micro.

But I have always wanted a Gameboy Micro…hmmmmm…


Wait, hold on…he sold his first console today?

Y’all, what if we’re witnessing in real time the birth of the next major console competitor??


Like, you shouldn’t sell emulators to people, but a rapper selling them is funnier than Nintendo or Sony selling them. And “I’m just a boy with a dream” feels less scummy than Sony running PCSX ReARMed on a Classic. Better Soulja than a corp. SouljaGame Console holds more novelty in the long run, in my opinion.


Huh. The handheld device is a version of something I already own, called a “K101 Revo.”

Mine did not come preloaded with any games, and isn’t an emulation device anyway. It’s Gameboy Advance clone hardware, meaning it’s technically more accurate than an emulator (though not without its quirks). You can use your own original GBA cartridges, but there is a way to load games on to it. Obviously, this opens the door to GBA homebrew, meaning NES, Gameboy, Game Gear, and whatever else has emulators for the thing.

Mine also came with composite TV-out cables, though I’ve never tried them.

Generally, a Revo will run between $80-90. I think I paid somewhere in the realm of $60 or $70 a couple years ago through a deal-oriented website, Massdrop.

I can’t speak for Soulja’s build quality, but mine came directly from the original manufacturer (printed on the back as “MaxZhou88 Studio.” The d-pad kind of sucks, especially for anything using diagonal inputs, and the L/R buttons aren’t super comfortable, but it’s okay. You can play games on it. Not always super well, but good enough. The screen is pretty nice, though it’s not an exact match for the GBA’s resolution, so it stretches the image a little. You get used to it (it makes the output look a little fuzzy), though there are also options to play at 1:1 size with black bars filling the blank space.


Mods is it possible to implement the SouljaChat messaging system on this forum as well?



Gamers all across the world

I have nothing personally against Soulja Boy

But the SouljaGame Console is ridiculous as hell

My intentions were to show the people that discourse.zone is open to different kinds of experiences

Not just legally purchased AAA games or independent games

And once I tried that out

It was cheap as hell, you feel me? The SouljaGame Console is ridiculous as hell

I understand what they were trying to do, like in the article Klepek was just doing it for criticism and investigation of the practice, you know what I’m saying? I really got what he was trying to profit off of with his knock-off goods, but it still was bad as hell, like, period.

You know what I’m saying? I mean, I don’t know, man, it was funny. Just a little white shaped PS4 console or a GameBoy Advance with two extra buttons playing ROMs they probably didn’t acquire the rights for, and I’m just like, “yeah, I’m gonna fucking roast this console.”

(ps. im referencing this video not trying just to be mean, btw video contains r-slur and a lot of other words like that and the m-slur ugh)


Alibaba isn’t really a “Amazon” - you are buying direct from manufacturer and in many cases will negotiate a price for the quantity you are buying. And it’s expected your buying more than one by most sellers.

Last year I built 10 Raspberry Pi powered mini-consoles as xmas gifts for friends and family. You can get a very nice looking “NESPi” case, and I paired them with an Xbox 360 “style” controller. Style in quotes because what I got were 360 controllers that just never got a Microsoft/Xbox logo stamp. As someone once said “China Don’t Care” about your IP!

Even though I was buying in sets of 10 I had to contact a number of sellers on Alibaba as most would want to sell 100s even if they listed min. qty as one. In the end it was worth it - no seller tried to pull a fast one and all were really helpful. The gifts were highly enjoyed and I spent time customizing the UI to have little video previews show up for each title.

Myself though I’ve spent too many years playing Megaman on original hardware that I notice when it’s emulation. I keep my old console close to the TV so I can hook them back up when the mood strikes =)


This is the kind of quality, crack reporting I expect from Sir Patrick Klepeck. Go tell em, Patrick!


To add onto this, the handheld is most likely a repackaged Retrogame RS-97, a cheap emuconsole that uses the Revo K101 shell, but has a cheap SoC instead of a GBA clone, running custom firmware. it can be flashed to run opendingux, a linux distribution originally created to run on the Dingoo A320; basically the emuconsole that started the entire movement of cheap chinese handhelds you can hack for homebrew and emus.

Here’s a review for the RS-97: https://hackinformer.com/2018/05/17/review-retrogame-rs-97-handheld-from-funnyplaying-com/. You can get them for much cheaper than $88 on AliExpress - usually they’re ~$40-50. If you really like old games and don’t like emu’ing on a phone or don’t want to hack up a Vita or something, they’re fantastic build quality and have a large community over on the Dingoonity forums.

Picture of the RS-97:

Picture of the Dingoo:


You could make an argument for brazen fraud like this being a hallmark of the times we live in.


Okay, what if Soulja Boy slaps a bunch of PS1 games in that bundle of 800 games and the system performs better than the PlayStation Classic?


So it turns out this console was just Soulja’s first step in a campaign to take over video games? Now trying to get an eSport team?


Gang, I have sad news

Patrick got Soulja Boy busted



update!!! if you pick the orange one the screen is a title card for One Piece!!!