Uhh Yeah Dude: An American Podcast


While I think the show has been consistently great for over 11 years, they’ve really been on a tear lately. Any other fans of the best, most underrated, and most influential comedy dancecast of all time?


Yeah buddy. I don’t always catch them but I feel like it’s an easy enough podcast to just jump into whenever. The recent ep where Jonathan was trying to score free K had me rolling.



I frankly have no idea how they haven’t been picked up for a limited series on some streaming service that is just well-filmed and edited conversations (or the actual recording sessions). These guys have been doing it longer and mostly better than anyone else. I wish I could remember which year it was, but on an episode immediately following a recent Superbowl, Seth kept bleeding out of the stories into angry rants about the game, and it was effectively a completely flawless improv comedy bit that lasted nearly 90 minutes.