Ummmm... Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse looks INCREDIBLE


Not a comic aficionado, so I cannot speak to the story, although it looks like a healthy father-son relationship happening at the very least, but the art direction in the animation is fantastic. The stylized visuals with flashes of intense colors is really just something else.
The sewer scene with the stellar lighting and the Autumn forest scene really stole the show…trailer…for me.



I love the animation style, and I’m really excited for it! I’m just hoping they do Miles justice because he deserves the best, honestly.


Yoooooooo, that trailer is straight fire. Is this a direct to video thing or are they giving it a theatre rollout?


hahaha navster, i love you buddy, but the trailer ends with a 10-second lock on a single frame that reads “Only on the Big Screen CHRISTMAS”

Also fwiw one of the directors of the Lego Movie tweeted this trailer and said “See this on the biggest screen you can”


Lol, I totally closed out of the trailer early! Too bad about the release date. I’d love to see it opening night but I gotta spend it with family. Ugh. :slight_smile:


so as an aside, I loved the dropped-frame animation style of The Lego Movie. It was so effective in evoking stop-motion animation that I didn’t believe it was done entirely in CG. I’m SUPER glad to see it translated to this faux hand animation aesthetic, because it, too, is so evocative of hand animation that at first blush, I didn’t notice it was CG.

Does anyone know anything about this trend, or if there is a shared lineage between the Lego movies and this one? It’s a super smart animation trick! So much of sub-Pixar CG animation is so fluid that it feels strange and overwrought (especially children’s shows), and this neatly sidesteps that side-effect. I know this sounds hyperbolic considering the simplicity of the idea, but it feels like a whole new door for this medium has been opened.


Hmmm, yeah I’d be curious if this is a developing trend. I saw it in used in a game recently, but not in any cg movies I can recall. Do all the Lego related movies use this technique? As traditional animation has already taught us, a lot of motion feels better with less frames.


It looks like all three major Lego movies have, yeah (Lego Movie, Lego Batman, Ninjago)


I’m really not liking the choppy animation, feels like if you played a telltale game on a very bad laptop. Not liking old Spider-Man’s voice either, doesn’t feel right.
The trailer does make it look like a promising thing though, it’s got styyyyle.



I hope this turns out to be profitable because this is what I feel comic movies should look like. It has so much more life and heart than those DC comic adaptations, and actually seems like it could stand on it’s own as it’s own movie. The father/son stuff looks great and it has the Prowler as a villain, Prowler being Spider-Man’s main antagonist in all my action figure storylines as a kid.

This also gives me hope that Sony could make a good X-Men thing.


fuck this looks so gooooooood


I’m a little torn, because I think Miles Morales should have been brought into the live-action Marvel stuff by now (Tom Holland’s fine but we didn’t need another Peter Parker series) but I’m also a big fan of animation and this film looks just fantastic. I can’t shake the feeling that this is some sort of appeasement that Sony can point to when folks ask for more Miles (or generally just more diversity) but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for Spider-Verse. In fact it’s the comic book movie I most want to see.


The animation style is real cool and I’m glad that Western companies are toying around with limited style animation a lot more but also I think this film’s big downfall might be in its layouts. The shot composition seems like it’s super hit-and-miss in the trailer. That said, it’ll probably still be a good Spider-man movie (also more Miles Morales spiderman please thanks)


A broke ass, 5 o clock shadow, jake johnson spider man is my representation.


Looks great, but are you supposed to watch this trailer with 3d-glasses or what is up with the colours?

Funny how this looks exactly like a Telltale game.


Even better, if you ever played Lego Dimensions, if you played any of the characters from the Lego movie they’d all have that stop motion jerkiness to them. Such a great little detail.


This was written and executive produced by the directors of the lego movie (Phil Lord & Chris Miller) in collaboration with the creator of Gravity Falls (Alex Hirsch), so that may have been an influence on the animation style! The level of involvement of exec producers in the actual production tends to vary pretty wildly from movie to movie though, I think.

Either way this looks absolutely awesome and It is honestly a weird feeling for me to be genuinely excited about a superhero movie. This looks legit fresh aesthetically and I am 100% going to bother to get off my ass and go see it on the big screen.


Ideally Sony could do it and bring back Toby Maguire as oldbroke Parker.


Peter’s a graying dirty-boy, and… I think need to sit and catch my breath for a sec


Peter looks like Mansley from Iron Giant and it’s fucking me up.