'Umurangi Generation' Invokes the Real Life Experience of Taking Photos

Photography is a rare mechanic in video games. Sure, many games contain photo modes, but there's a huge difference between being a disembodied camera and playing a game as a person holding a camera. Even when photography is a core mechanic in a game, it's often in a simplified form that becomes less about the embodied experience of taking photographs, and more about image making on a superficial level. Take one of the most popular photography games out there: Pokémon Snap. It matters less to the game who you are and why you're photographing creatures, and matters more that your composition is "good" in the eyes of Professor Oak.

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Anyone have any tips for the 2nd level where you have to take a picture of 10 solar panels with the telephoto lens? I took a picture that had like 11 in them, but it didn’t count :frowning: