Umurangi Photo Club (Image Intensive)

Waypoint Forum Umarangi Photo Club

Welcome all to the Waypoint Forum Umurangi Photo Club! The aim of our club is to collect great photos of Tauranga Aotearoa, and give our members reasons to spend more time in the world of Umurangi Generation.

Feel free to post any of your photos here, but we also have two activities to help with that: Photo Bounties, and a tri-weekly photo competition!

Photo Bounties

Track down specific photo opportunities in Tauranga, or post bounties for your fellow club members to find!

Posting Bounties
Anyone is welcome to post a photo bounty, just say what it is you’re looking for, and what stage it can be found in. Your bounty will be added to the table of bounties at the bottom of this post, and we’re ready to go!

Bounties can be as specific or as broad as you like, but please make sure they’re completable before you post them! Otherwise, feel free to ask for whatever you like! Want to see if anyone else can find a hidden detail somewhere? Post it! Want to just ask for people to send you pictures of cats? Post that too! It’s all in the spirit of fun and good photography!

Claiming Bounties
To claim a bounty, reply to the post it was posted in, or otherwise identify which bounty you’re responding to, and then place your photo under a drop down spoiler. You can find that under the gear icon when replying if you’re new, just be sure to do that so you don’t spoil the hunt for others who haven’t found it yet!

Once that’s done, I’ll add your name to the “Claimed By” section of the table. If you didn’t get there first, don’t worry! A bounty can be claimed by however many people choose to snap it, this is about collecting good photos after all, not about getting there first!

Happy hunting, all, and here’s a couple bounties to get you all started:
Mauao View - A photo of a Hopscotch court
The Strand - The word "Damage"
Subway/The Metro - Two identical objects of different scales

Photo Competition

If you’re interested in a more structured photo activity, our photo competitions might be for you! Every three weeks, we’ll post a broad category of photos to be the theme, and you have two weeks to take the best photo that you can. After that, we have a one week period where everyone’s allowed to vote for their favourite photo, before announcing the winners and starting again.

Taking Part
Anyone is welcome to take part, regardless of your skill level! Just take a photo you believe fits the theme, and post it below a drop down spoiler (under the gear icon when replying, if you’re new).

I’d ask you not to look at anyone else’s entries until after the voting period is complete, so not to bias your own photos or voting, but we’re not planning on enforcing this or anything.

Voting Period
Once the two weeks are up, and all the photos are submitted, we move on to the voting phase. A google form will be set up with all the photos, to allow you to vote on your favourite. Anyone is allowed to vote, even if you did not submit a photo, but please don’t vote for yourself if you did.

Once the voting period is up, we’ll announce the winner and runner up, and the theme for the next photo competition. While we’ll be highlighting the winners, I’d encourage all of you to take this time to appreciate all the entries, and maybe go back and experiment with any new ideas they inspire in you. The purpose of this is to encourage us all to take more photos, after all!

If you’re interested, check below for the first photo competition, running from the 26th of July to the 9th of August!

1st Photo Competition


Tauranga’s full of interesting characters, so lets take this chance to go meet them! A portrait is any photo that focuses on a person, and ideally should convey something about their personality. Other people can be present in the shot, but try to make it clear who the subject is.

So go out there, and introduce us to the people of Umurangi Generation!

Photo Bounty List
Posted By Location Description Claimed By
Peng Mauao View A Hopscotch court
Peng The Strand The word “Damage”
Peng Subway/The Metro Two identical objects of different scales

Geez, I’m just ashamed of showing any photos I take in games like these. People create amazing compositions of light and subject while I’m presenting How to Draw an Owl Stage 1.

I’d say don’t be ashamed, but I know brains don’t work like that. But remember the only way to improve is to take more photos!

I was considering giving some photography 101 style tips along with future photo competitions, but if you’d like I can try writing a bunch up now. Other advice might be to watch what everyone else in the thread, and try learning from their tricks or styles. Okay so the only photos so far are the portrait examples, but I can post more if you want.

Otherwise, you could focus on the photo bounties for now? If you like coming up with fun puzzles or want to show hard to find angles, that’s something that doesn’t have the pressure of having to be capital A Artistic, after all.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pics from the game anymore because I didn’t realize uninstalling the game would delete that particular data (please correct me if I’m wrong).

I did have this one saved that I happened to post somewhere else.


Haha, thanks, I’ll likely jump in to have some fun with the bounties. That seems like a good time! Although likely not until later this week once I have some more time on my hands.

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Oh! I’d love to find an excuse to find more photos of things, might have to jump aboard the bounties train. Here’s a few of my faves so far just to share.


Ooh, I’ve got a few that I liked from when I played. Looking through my album and seeing the pictures others have take has made me want to go back and try out some of these photo bounties.

From the last level of Macro

And also I really like this one I took of my friends:


instead of me just reposting all the pics i shared in the context-free screenshot thread, i’ll just repost… a few

i’ll have to boot up the game again this weekend and see if i can snag some of those bounties!


@nat.clayton Wow! I’m really impressed at how clean the black background in the first pic is! And great composition with the shape of the ground!

@shokster826 The pic of Tariq is real strong! The balance between her horizontal form and the two people in front makes for a real good pic, I think!

@youngliar There’s some real good ones here, but I’m curious as to how you got the ghostly effect on some of them. It looks like a trick with film cameras where you take a second photo without advancing the film roll, but I didn’t think you could do that in Umurangi?

And welp, I’d better share some of my own pictures too, since I started the thread XD


oh i just slowed down the shutter speed and moved the camera as i took those shots to create the ghosting effect.


Oh, that’s really cool, I hadn’t really messed with shutter speed and aperture much since they come so late, but this is another reason to give them another look!

The photo competition is a really good idea for spending more time in Umarangi.


So, since we haven’t had any entries yet, I’m considering giving an extra week for the photo competition. I’ve put a poll below so you don’t have to reply with yes/no answers, but if you have any other thoughts feel free to post them of course!

  • More time please
  • Keep to the schedule

0 voters

Well, I think it’s clear we need more time, so the photography competition will run for another week, until the 16th of August now. If we don’t have any entries by then, I think we’re gonna have to call it too bad, and just stick to the photo bounties going forward. Good luck to all of you though!

here’s my submission for the portrait competition.



While I’m glad for gloob’s entry, unfortunately we can’t really have a photo competition with only one photo. I hope everyone is taking care out there, and can understand people being too busy for this.

If any of you want to take part in the photo bounties, or post your own, please feel free, and I’ll be sure to keep that updated, but for now I think it’s clear the competition can’t continue.

Best wishes to everyone, and hope you’re staying as safe as possible.