Unclear Ends and Questionable Means in Both Sports and Politics

What do a women's college basketball star, the prison abolition movement, and The Occupation all have in common? Uhhhhh... it's Thursday, and they're all topics on Waypoints! First, Danielle was both fascinated and repelled by this profile of Oregon basketball star Sabrina Ionescu, whose sheer willpower, toughness, and intelligence have made her an all-time great in college basketball. But in focusing on Ionescu's drive and compulsion to greatness, do we also end up celebrating bad stereotypes about the nature of achievement and excellence? Next, Patrick has been listening to the second season of the Justice in America podcast, and was struck by its finale and the radical ways we can, and should, reimagine our systems of criminal justice. Finally, the gang are taking a closer look at White Paper Games' The Occupation, and trying to figure out if it has a political perspective, or if its mixed metaphors only give it the appearance of political meaning.

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My brain during the entire discussion of triple doubles in the intro:

Every time the staff talk about football, I keep hoping they’ll start a dedicated NFL podcast.

That Sabrina Ionescu profile is weird when taken alongside this one from The Athletic, which makes the case that she is not driven by willpower and toughness but by insecurity. She seems unable to accept her place as a superstar, refusing to believe that the game’s all-time greats like Becky Hammon or Rebecca Lobo would even know who she is.

Is it just me or is the prison abolition part of this podcast extremely short? Like they started and then five minutes later they were onto Rob’s thing? Did I accidentally skip a chunk when I connected my phone to my car’s bluetooth this morning?

No, it was kinda just “heres a cool podcast that talks about x y and z. I liked it for these reasons, you should check it out.”

As to why, idk? Maybe the crew didn’t think they were up to discussing prison abolition and stuff like that. Maybe there was a disscusion, but it got left on the edit room floor for any number of reasons.

A wierd segment on the podcast for sure

The Occupation desperately needs a chapter select menu. There’s a replayability in trying to get all the evidence within the time limit but the game makes it really difficult to replay a level. Also on the second investigation level I got caught too many times and ‘failed’ which meant it skipped me to the next level which is pretty much the worst thing it could have done

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Anyone got time stamps for the prison abolition bit so I can skip all the sports talk?

Or is there so little that it isn’t worth it?

Edit: okay I listened to the segment in question. The person on the episode of Justice in America Patrick listened to, Mariame Kaba, was a guest host and makes frequent appearances on Delete Your Account. It’s exactly the podcast Patrick is looking for in terms of something that discusses both these bigger ideas and foreign policy.

I don’t use twitter so I can’t tweet that at him. Hopefully someone else can shout it out.

I’m not that far in, but there’s usually only two topics in for Waypoints these days – depending on how much has been listened to (or how much is out), this might just be instigating a chat that will come up later (see: gen:LOCK).