Uncovering the Untold Stories and Personal Tragedies of Pro Wrestling

Above: "The Killing of Bruiser Borody" from Dark Side of the Ring

On a special bonus episode of Waypoint Radio, Austin Walker sits down with Evan Husney, producer and co-creator of Dark Side of the Ring, VICELAND's new docu-series that digs into the human stories behind six tragedies of wrestling history. Evan previously worked with Waypoint on documentaries like our behind-the-scenes look at Superhypercube and our Waypoint Presents episode on Magic: The Gathering. Today, he talks to Austin about the inspiration and process behind the new show, and the remarkable response it's received so far.

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This was a great doc. I’d warn everyone though. Whatever picture you have in your mind of Adullah’s forehead scars, it’s worse.


I was going to binge the 3 episodes this weekend but now I’m away. Should I watch them before the pod or should I do the pod first?

Having watched the first episode I’d say this pod is cool but it’s mostly trying to sell you on watching and if you’re already sold idk if it’s really that informative unless you aren’t a wrestling fan at all.