Underappreciated/Niche Patreons and Other Creators You Love


I’m willing to bet we all support some niche Patreons or Twitch streams or Youtube channels that we wish were bigger, that we wish could be doing what they’re doing full time with a bigger fanbase. So this is the thread for that. Share your favourite underappreciated or niche creators or just browse through and find something new to become a fan of and maybe even help support.

Here are some of mine:

The Ontological Geek

From their website:

Founded in August of 2010, The Ontological Geek is a web­site for peo­ple who believe that pop­u­lar cul­ture is more than just enter­tain­ment. Games, movies, books, and comics aren’t just works exist­ing in a vac­u­um; some­times, they con­nect to us by reflect­ing our hopes and fears, our iden­ti­ties, our beliefs, our his­to­ry, and our future. In other cases, they fail to do so and leave us feel­ing alien­at­ed.

For the past five years, The Ontological Geek has brought you essays, columns, and pod­casts that seek to explore these hid­den depths and con­nec­tions of games and pop­u­lar cul­ture.

(Full disclosure: in the past I have had some articles published on their site)

Ontological Geek is a small site that has been talking about things that larger publications that cover games tend to miss, such as how video games intersect with religion and mental health.

They also are tangentially related to one of my other favourite niche internet things: It is Pitch Dark. This is a choose your own adventure style twitter account. A storyteller will create a setup, anyone following can reply with what they want to do, and then the storyteller picks a response and the story continues. They haven’t run a story in a while but you can follow past stories and find more info here.

The Wondersmith

The Wondersmith does what I would call dinner party performance art. They hide invitations to dinner parties on nature trails and in parks, and then throw elaborate themed dinner parties outside for the group of strangers that attend. It is very, very Pacific Northwest I know, but I mean look at that cake. Those are real icicles.

Lindsay Ishihiro

Lindsay makes a webcomic called How Baby which is funded through her patreon. It’s a twice-a-week comic about what it’s like being a parent who is a nerd and is also conscious of social justice issues. It’s hilarious and often brutally honest. Lindsay also does fanart and NSFW art of all sorts of fandoms.

Looking forward to finding weird and wonderful creators on here!


I’m a huge dork for Dragon Friends, the Australian D&D + live audience + improvised music podcast of my heart. They don’t seem to have a big US following but they absolutely deserve one. They’re patreon-supported and just hit the funding level where the co-DM who does all the NPC voices pledged to get a tattoo, so that’s fun.