Underrated tv theme song?

We all know that Frasier has the best tv theme song but what are some great lesser known ones?

Just listened to The Nanny theme for the first time in a decade and I was like “Oh dang is this song a bop”?


This opening reminds me of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.

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this is a bit off topic but remember when the Soul Eater anime didn’t have enough episodes to actually deal with the themes or story of the manga so they were just like FUCK IT HERE’S A MECH

All I remember is this opening and some character designs. I think it was a fun show, and might rewatch.

I LOVED the animation in it. But check out the manga after if you’re interested it has a really solid story near the end.

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It’s definitely not underrated with DB fans, but there’s an inherent underdog-ness because, well, it has to contend with the most popular anime of all time.

I pick the ENG version specifically because I really like the vocalist. He has a very specific cheese to his voice that gives this song the perfect retro feel.


I kind of have no idea what is considered popular with Western/live action openings, but I’ll say Z Nation. Very short but it changed a lil every season, and I like the song. (Especially the full version.)

I love the second opening to Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. Just that ending really sets you up for a good drama, and I think the song is pretty. (Also, I like any opening with a ticking clock.)

the macgyver theme is more hype than most people give it credit for imo.

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Long Hard Times To Come by Gangstagrass for the Justified theme trotted so that Old Town Road could gallop.




Full disclosure, I am probably going to post like way too many times in this thread


A special one for my fellow Important If True fans.


Move over Lil Nas X, Gangstagrass has been combining country and rap for a minute:


I don’t know how much of it is nostalgia, but I have to say that for me the original Power Rangers theme is still in contention in the Greatest of All Time category for opening themes.

As far as lesser-known openings, I think the anime Durarara has consistently had good openings, both for the music as well as the visuals which connect everything in an interesting way:


The intro song to Mummies Alive! was a banger. Also, the intro (maybe the rest of the show?) is anime as fuck. Just look at those transformation sequences.

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actually I have made a huge oversight on further consideration.


It’s not necessarily underrated, but the OP for Kids on the Slope is an all timer for me.

Also, in that same vein. The OP and ED for Girls’ Last Tour are both amazing. The full version of both are absolutely worth listening to.

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I get this is widely loved, but it’s underrated as in “I should hear it blaring from public speakers every single day it’s that good”