Undocumented Immigrants Describe Life Under DACA, and How Games Helped Them

America's immigration system is broken, and one of its few lifelines may soon disappear, causing stress and anguish for those whose lives were changed by DACA.

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Anton “Filipinoman” is a well spoken intelligent dude. Really interesting to hear such a concise explanation of his story and how the current US immigration systems have impacted his life. Super kind dude too if you ever see him at an event.

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I really enjoyed this article. It’s easy to read unemotional articles about immigration and forget about the human. It reminds me of the old quote, “travel is fatal to prejudice.” Good stuff.

As someone who isn’t from the U.S. (but comes from a country which, of course, has its own difficult immigration system), I appreciate the accessibility that Klepek’s story offers, breaking down the story in a way that, at least for me, made it easier to engage with beyond the contextual information I’d acquired along the way. Definitely not a story to sleep on.