‘UnearthU’ Is a Mindfulness App That Mocks the Tech Industry

UnearthU introduces itself as a mindfulness app promising to help you achieve the “highest plane of existence.” Something’s off, though: the photogenic landscapes usually found on such apps, metaphors for ideal minds, are swapped for botanical illustrations, while the video footage has a grainy, analogue quality. Strangest of all is the virtual life coach, a nymph-like figure who shimmers with foliage and speaks with an eerie computerized lilt. Out now on PC and mobile devices, UnearthU quickly reveals itself to be a satire of automated mindfulness; it’s like an episode of Black Mirror that checks in on you with push notifications.

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Ok, sounds like I definitely need to try this. Cards on the table: I have issues with anger management and depression that I sought treatment for a few years ago. The therapist I ended up with used a combination of CBT and mindfulness that I found extremely helpful. Obviously, all mental health issues are ongoing rather than something that can be “cured”, and that’s actually where I found the mindfulness part most useful.

All that is just leading up to: I’m extremely mad (LOL) about the bullshit corporate wellness initiatives, but I also can’t jive with people who just dismiss the idea of mindfulness out of hand because of its association with bullshit corporate wellness initiatives. So if this game is being more precise in its targets, which it sounds like it is, then I really want to see what it’s doing.


Capitalism ruins everything! I think my tell is if something is supposed to “increase productivity”. I’ve completed the whole six sigma green belt training (yes its a super cringey bullshit name for what’s process improvement training) and there are a ton of useful tools and concepts, but I couldn’t help thinking through the whole training that this is whats used to justify laying people off or any other million shitty things corporations do to employees. Increasing productivity was always the goal of everything in that program. End rant, mindfulness and meditation are good and we should fight like hell to wrestle them away from the corporate scum that want to use it to justify abusing employees. Increased productivity = increased exploitation.