Unexplained thread locks


So, I’ve just seen the second occurence in the admittedly not long time I’ve been here where a thread was locked by a mod without any explanation. I get that I don’t make or even know all the rules and I don’t claim to know better than the mods, but could we at least get an explanation? Just a few words saying why the thread was locked? Otherwise there’s no accountability and no way for the participants to learn what they did wrong.


Hi, BigNoNo. We always make an effort to reach out to the original posters to clarify why we have locked or taken action against a thread, especially in instances where a thread has only just gotten off the ground (we will always clearly state if a thread had been locked due to how the discussion has progressed). We have avoided doing this for fear of reiterating a point too many times, buf, as your post makes clear, this can result in other folks being left in the dark.

In future, we will try to make this more explicit in the thread itself to avoid any confusion by third parties. If you have any specific queries about thread locks, please reach out to one of the moderation team.