'Unexplored' Is a Roguelike With a Satisfying Ending


Watch Austin delve a procedurally generated dungeon filled with magic weapons, dangerous monsters, and a surprisingly memorable ending.

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Reviving this topic because of the recent switch release, unexpectedly giving me a chance to play this!
From my perspective as a long time roguelike player there is something special about this game. Would take a long time to properly articulate…but it’s like they are trying to change the way procedural generation is used in games…or maybe strike a new balance between hand made and generated?
Anyway, first you have to get a handle on the controls and mechanics, which takes some doing. The tutorial is there, but is not great: one of the few times I’ve had to look up a walkthrough to finish a tutorial (an issue with having to find a secret door to finish the level which they gave NO indication of having to find, or even that secret doors existed …but i suppose could have missed it)
The player character itself controls a bit like a roomba, and combat definately takes some getting used to. There are so many variables…which is one of the games strengths!
I know there are currently a lot of strong releases all at the same time, but anyone else playing this gem?


I’ve also returned to this on Switch and I love it even though I don’t think I’ve gotten it yet. I came into it off Dead Cells, and it’s and adjustment to adhere to the slow and careful combat. It’s a lot more deliberate than having over a thousand health.

I’m still clumsy in it but I hope I can hit the groove I found on PC so I can improve and maybe finish a game one day.