United States Politics Discussion Thread

Hey everyone decided to see who’d like to discuss the current political state of the U.S. I know things are hectic right and news pops up seemingly every five seconds so I figured why not a thread for general political discussion. I believe that the only way to get through the current ball of knocks that is the political landscape of the United States right now is to discuss it. Hope to have a grate conversation with many of you.

P.S. Keep things civil and respect people with different opinions then yours!




It’s sad to say but that is a fair almost a fair and accurate description of how I feel right now. I feel the democrats could be doing better and the republicans have devolved into something that is pure evil. Worse of both worlds.

I guess I’ll start the conversation. Did anyone catch Trumps Fox news interview? It was saddening in my opinion.

Any choice quotes? I’m a little ashamed to admit I’ve been out of the loop without my usual site.

As long as they aren’t rightwingers or trump fans, sure. I don’t have time for the stupid and the dishonest. Otherwise, bring on the discussion!

I haven’t seen Trump’s Fox News interview, but I did see his speech concerning Iran. It was so hypocritical and bland that I couldn’t believe it. Trump is also a terrible speaker when he’s forced to actually read coherently instead of saying any random string of words that comes to mind. Anyway, I don’t consider Trump to be an evil aberration from American political norms, rather I see him as a continuation of a trends that have always been present. Trump just lacks the tact and sense needed not to expose himself as a total and complete monster and the American political system as a sham. I’m afraid if we got someone like Trump but semi-competent and with charisma like Obama the political situation would be even more disastrous.

I’m at work on my phone right now but I’ll see if I can find a Transcript after I’m off. There was a strange section where Trump talked about Net Neutrality.

Heh, I suspect he understands nothing of that topic.

@Moon - Agreed. As much as republicans don’t want to admit it, trump is the quintessential republican, everything they say they want to be.

Trump’s politics prove to me that he is a core factor of what’s wrong with the republican party. He basically wakes up what’s always been there and it’s really scary in my opinion.

Don’t want to barge in but I wanted to ask a question. I’m from the U.K so I don’t know the organisational details of how American political parties are run ( only the broad stuff ) .

Is there any way a group like momentum ( the British Labour Party’s socialist block ) can come in and at least influence the Democrats. Or is it an entirely top down organisation. All political parties have internal machinery surely .

It’s hard to understand as an outsider ( same with idiotic British politics let’s face it ) . All I read on the internet is there doesn’t seem to be any way of reforming or debating the Democrats future other than opinion pieces in posh papers and shouting on twitter.

Depends on what you mean. Like if this Momentum group wanted to help restructure the Democrats in a public way to reflect their values I don’t see why that couldn’t happen. I highly doubt it but it could happen. But if you mean if momentum and the Democrats got together behind closed doors and started sharing information or colluding with one another that would be seen as Treason. Same deal that’s going on right now with republicans and the Russian government.

Yet again I don’t see why the Democrats would want anything to do with Momentum except from a “Yeah we support their efforts in the U.K.” form. I hope I somewhat answered your question.

Sometimes the parties can be influenced by outside factors. Like last year outside factors like Bernie and trump really pushed each party in different directions. But no outside party has ever really had a direct say in what the two major parties do. Our third parties are pretty much a joke.

Sorry I think I should have clarified not the actual British Momentum . Say a popular American movement unless I misunderstand US treason laws .

The British left is often led from the bottom by party members ( who pay the bills ) but even top down organisations must have to listen to its members.

I know the Democratic Socialists of America are trying to influence local elections, but the democratic party’s establishment would rather pretend they don’t exist. The democrats can barely stand someone as moderate as Bernie Sanders being in their midst. Democrats will pragmatically pick up popular social democratic positions as people scream more or in the rare case that they actually want to win an election. Otherwise, working with them is useless. They’re definitely a top down party of professionals and bureaucrats, not very democratic.

How do they call them selves a political party ?

I’m sure no American wants to be lectured or “just asking questions” by an elderly British lefty but I’m just a bit worried about the way things are going . Not that it’s on anyone’s head on a Internet forum to give this elderly idiot reassurance .

fascism is sadly a very exportable commodity not to mention our right wing government is not exactly hiding that they will sell everything off to Trump after Brexit . They will loose the next general election but that may be after that bit of idiocy.

Hopefully I’m just being overdramatic but I look at the Democrats and I’m not exactly filled with confidence .

If I’m being honest I don’t think anyone has that much confidence in the dems right now. I will vote for them in 2020. I personally hope Kamala Harris runs for president. But the party itself just doesn’t hold much confidence for me.

Is socialism still a dirty word in America or are things starting to shift .

I live in the south and it has very bad connotations down here.

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