Unlock. final. space

Anyone checked out TBS’ new cartoon? It’s called Final Space and I was surprised to discover it’s actually really good???

(CW: Some alien gore)

The humor has some groaners (like that space cop assistant, who’s thankfully barely in the show), but I haven’t seen a western cartoon with production values like this on TV ever. It has this awe inspiring cinematic quality, complete with complicated camera angles, lighting, and really explosive effects.

The writing is also surprisingly good. It’s very standard stuff but with great execution, like Gary’s surprisingly tragic back story and Avacato (the cat guy) trying to save his son. There has only been three episodes, but there’s already great character dynamics and a bit of depth among the cast that isn’t just spelt out. I think this might end up being something special.

Oh, and fair warning - it gets REALLY gory at points, so don’t watch if you have a weak stomach for that.