*Unofficial* Minecraft Server


Modded minecraft is, like Vanilla minecraft, a game where you make your own fun. It is intended to put a fresh experience to people bored of the basic stuff you can do in minecraft, by adding new mob types, new block types, new kinds of armor, new ways to get more out of mining, and a significant feeling of progression, progressing through technology or magic mods to eventually automate doing the stuff that you were doing by hand up until then, problem solving and discovering new mods to help you along the way. Personally, I feel that modded minecraft benefits greatly from multiple people working concurrently, helping each other by sharing resources and tips. Anecdotally, you can do some pretty cool stuff, like getting a jetpack and flying around the world or building your own dimension to live in. There are also a ton of architecture and building mods that add non- blocky shapes to give your buildings more character. Basically, I think you’ll get the most out of this if you really enjoyed the base game, and would like more out of it.

For those that are interested, I found an extremely cheap server host and I’ve gotten a minecraft server up and running. The server is running a Feed the Beast modpack called “FTB Beyond” for Minecraft 1.10.2. The modpack is currently on the version that it defaults to in the Twitch launcher (which is definitely the easiest way to download modpacks in my experience) version 1.7.0. The modpack recommends that you dedicate at least 4 GB of RAM in Minecraft’s settings when running this.

Depending on the performance of the server with multiple people on it, and the popularity of the server in general, I’ll decide whether or not to upgrade this server to the highest performance tier (which is still pretty cheap, just $6 more), and whether or not to renew the server monthly.

I have little to no experience running a Minecraft server, so if anyone’s got any tips or ideas on how to improve, please let me know.

I’ve got a whitelist on this server, so I figure that the way this’ll work is that you can contact me through a PM either here on the forums or on Discord (Trott Pilgrim#8795) with your Minecraft player name and I’ll send you the server IP. I have absolutely no bearing on what is and is not safe to give out in terms of Minecraft-related information so if there are any issues, please let me know.

I consider the rules listed in the Waypoint Fan Discord a guide for this Minecraft server, namely:

  1. Bigotry of any type will not be tolerated.
  2. Threatening behavior will not be tolerated.
  3. Griefing of any type is frowned upon.

Above all else, have fun. It’s a (relatively new [at least to me]) modpack and we’re all probably just learning going to be learning the basics over the next week or so, so don’t be afraid to join in even if you don’t have experience with modded Minecraft.


I’d be up for this! MC Username is Tolinky


I’d super love to get back into minecraft with some folks but I’m flaky enough on playing video games that I’d feel super bad making anybody to commit to a thing on my account


I’ve updated the original post with some information and basic rules!


Working on installing it now… (on my work computer)

Looks like I need to use the twitch app to do so?

edit: okay sure that was simple enough


blugh! Work computer seems to be unable to run minecraft well. gonna see about setting up a hot spot or somethin with my phone

Okay y’all we are playing this video game. Folks should show up


FTB Beyond is a lot of fun, I’ve poked around in it a bit recently for the first time and I really enjoyed it. There’s a lot of mods and it can be a bit daunting at first, but just picking one or two things to figure out and play with at a time made things a lot of fun without beingtoo overwhelming.


Also I was pretty surprised at how resource intensive FTB is. My work computer can barely run base minecraft and can’t even dream of FTB, and my 2013 macbook can only sort of handle it. Hell, it even takes forever to load on my desktop

also made me realize I really need to replace my mouse. The scroll wheel on it is very inconsistent and jumps all over the place, so navigating my inventory bar is hell


No kiddin’. My computer isn’t current by any stretch but runs normal Minecraft at a million fps and won’t run this at all.


When I was mining I found the most ridiculous lava complex and just spent the last hour or something carving it out. Then found some caverns and there’s just all the ores in the world there


I’m trying to figure out how much data this is using since to play from work I need to set my phone up as a hotspot. I technically have unlimited data but of course they throttle after 5-7gb so I don’t want it to kill my data too much

Also I wonder if updating the thread title to reflect the fact that we have a server up would get more people interested? It would be cool if we had more folks out and about on the server.

There’s only a few of us now


What’s happened with the server? I suddenly have a whole mess of incompatible mods

edit: whups, forgot to check for an update