Unofficial Waypoint Fan Fan-tasy Basketball League (2018 UPDATE)


Hey everyone, I started a fantasy basketball league and we currently need 7 teams to have a ten team league. Fantasy Basketball is good down to 6 teams (w 6 you just have big teams and everyone has an all-star team), but I’ll adjust depending upon how much interest this gets. Still trying to figure out when we’ll draft or if Draft by email would be the best option. If you’re asked for a password to join, it’s ‘waypoint’


I am horrendously hyped for this - think it’s gonna be a fun chance to both talk crap about basketball and get myself invested in the games, but also it’s just a very fun thing to think through with people. It would be awesome if we had a near-full roster before the season so please, sign up in droves :wink:


I’m interested in trying this! I am the current commish in a(n unofficial) Waypoint fantasy football league, and have always wanted to try out basketball.


When are people available to draft? Should probably try and do it within a week of the season starting


I’m UK, so late here is probably midafternoon for most of ya - does that mean weekend only?


There’s also a draft by email possibility which could work?

I’m free TMRW and Saturday and could do those days


Doodle poll it for today or tomorrow?



This weekend is uncharacteristically busy for me, so I won’t be able to make it.


Discord is down but we can keep drafting and talk here shrug


NEW LEAGUE INVITE, WE NEED TO DECIDE ON DRAFT TIME, Ideally sometime this coming week or next weekend.


I’ll be on GMT-3 from Monday onwards, so chances are anything that’s not super late for east coast will be fine by me!


I’m so in and am on EST.


I would like to be part of this! My knowledge of basketball is still slim, but this would get me to actually watch some games!

Any time this weekend should be fine for me, this upcoming week I’ll need to double check my schedule.

EDIT: This week I can make time most days except Wednesday and Friday after 3:00pm EST


got a busy schedule, on utc+1 (uk), but i’ll do my best to make it whenever - after this tuesday evening would be ideal


I’m down for it and pretty free this upcoming week, aside from the 28th which is a rough day. I’m also on GMT-3, so echoing @ratamero’s comment.


Tight. If anyone wants to put a doodle up for Weds-Sun, I’d appreciate it! Otherwise I’ll do it early next week


I realize I need to schedule this! But have been quite sick! – How does Sunday at 3PM EDT work for people?


Works for me! :basketball:


I managed to pull my Yahoo account out from internet purgatory to join the league. I’m free on Sunday, so might as well give this fantasy thing a shot. I know next to nothing about fantasy sports, but I figure that I’ll learn a lot while sitting in the standings basement. Go my team!