Unreal Engine 5 Demo Shows the Stunning Future of Video Game Graphics

I dunno, I went back to watch the UE4 real-time demo on PS4 and I think it still looks great, I think it was also surpassed by games that released in PS4’s lifetime, whereas this UE5 demo is better than anything I’ve seen on console thus far (but only marginally). Here’s that tech demo if anyone wants to take a trip down memory lane:

That UE4 demo always looked kinda…bad to me. Even at the time, outside of particle effects, I was kinda surprised that is what they went with to show off their engine. Most of the games actually made with the engine look significantly better imo. This UE5 demo definitely looks leaps and bounds above it.

The Squenix demo from the start of last gen is definitely closer, but that was for an engine they never managed to actually get working sooooooo

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Yes, we are well beyond the point where the bottleneck for delivering fancy-looking graphics is less the hardware and engine than the asset pipeline. Which is to say, the poor fuckers killing themselves in cubicles to render Not Lara Croft’s butt in 8K HDR.

You only get RDR2 with Rockstar-level crunch. And now we get to quadruple that or whatever to match the amount of extra polygons required to meet the expectations for “next gen” graphics.

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My understanding is that most AAA studios have been making their art at a scale of detail that is far too big and complicated for any game. But then they use some tools to automatically scale the quality of those elements to work with whatever platform you’re on.

That’s why things can look really good from a distance, but as you get closer things can look blurry, pixelated and stretched awkwardly.

Essentially the bump in hardware allows them to increase the slider a couple notches to export the files in higher quality.

This kind of tech has been around since the PS3/360 era. It’s why we see some models pop in detail quality as we get closer, or we see models going from low-poly/blury textures to incredible detail in half a second after it loads.

Besides, any company trying to reach Rockstar level quality is either incredibly well backed, or they are a complete fool. That kind of quality isn’t even sustainable for Rockstar, let alone any smaller studio.

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aaa studios have not “been making art at a bigger scale than the game can handle” lol, you have to model something at a high detail to account for bumpmaps and UVmaps and then decimate the mesh to optimise it, thats just how 3d works. like 90% of the work in 3d modeling is texturing and thats entirely different depending on what resolution you’re working at. theres no Magic Slider every studio’s sitting on ready for UE5 they are literally going to have to change their entire work flow to account for the fact that the engine demands photo-accurate texturing and they cant just photobash shit together

also no LODs have nothing to do with any of this, those are literally completely different models and textures you have to make based on the bigger resolution one (also LODs have existed since 3D games have? where on earth did you get the idea they were invented for the ps3 era)


To quote one Abby Russell: “I can’t wait for someone to actually be able to take advantage of this in, like, five years”

I think you are misunderstanding a lot of what I said…

Edit: Also I intentionally stayed away from technical talk because this isn’t a place full of industry veterans, but I don’t think anything I said was significantly inaccurate like you said. Anyway, if you’re gonna take an aggressive tone I don’t particularly want to continue this discussion