Unskippable TV Intros


I don’t hate that Netflix has a skip intro button as much as I hate that they don’t let you watch credits in peace, but I do hate it.


It largely feels like it’s there because Netflix are aware that the intros to their original shows kinda suck and go on too long (except Kimmy Schmidt) and are antithetical to how people consume their content (in several hour binge sessions.)



How has nobody mentioned The Twilight Zone? Peter Gunn? Or Dragnet?


goddam forgot Gravity Falls, I hate how they shorten it in later episodes


was recently remind of how much of a jam sealab’s intro is

also can’t forget 90’s disney and warner bros. cartoon intros

and for a modern intro that’s really good that i’ll never skip i gotta give it to She-Ra


Is this ska?

This bass line

When a fake band is better than 90% of the actual genre


My inner conspiracy theorist thinks the reason they make it so difficult to watch end credits is so people don’t associate shows with their actual creators, but just with Netflix itself.


The Teen Titans intro was impossible to skip for me.


gonna be honest.
This doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch, but maybe my brain is also just goes deep into conspiracy mode when something like Netflix is involved.

Oh and something for the thread, i guess. The Matlock opening theme slaps


Yeah, I don’t think they’re breaking any laws, but I imagine the unions don’t approve, at all.

People keep posting anime OP’s, here are some of my favorites:

Fuck me, that guitar rips so hard

YOU WA SHOCK! That is all.

Best OP 2018, don’t @ me

How the hell hasn’t this been posted yet?!


Each episode has a different stinger at the end too.


The Stranger Things intro is so good at setting the atmosphere


I know there’s a ton wrong with the show, but when it first launched, I never skipped the intro to the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Undeniable earworm.


Westworld’s season 1 intro still gives me chills

Oh yeah I also really like the intro to Weeds! It’s just a nice little bit of commentary to kick things off and includes my favorite version of this song


“Based on melodies originally whistled by Garth Marenghi”


I also have to shout out the intros to all the Cartoon Network shows i’m watching currently. They’re all short and good.

Steven Universe

Craig of the Creek

OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes!

also the full ending theme to OK K.O. is very good. They usually only play 1 half of it at the ending of episodes but i wanna share the whole thing. I’m just a sucker for anything rebecca sugar sings.


I always love Mad Men’s intro for how perfectly it fits the tone and style of the show.

Hannibal’s title sequence is simply but chilling and completely appropriate.

Surprise, surprise, The Sopranos intro is amazing.


You had me at LAIN.


I see all anime intros and raise you. I present Paranoia Agent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nttSKBJ38k

(also pardon my formatting, getting a bit rusty)

I watched this every episode because of the mania that the song and the imagery present. At first it seems upbeat with all that laughter until you consider the backgrounds. It gets sinister so quickly, and what’s crazy is that the intro actually informs the rest of the show, and yet the intro doesn’t make that much sense until you’ve watched this series to the conclusion.