Unskippable TV Intros


I stopped watching pretty early on in the 2nd season with all the seriously problematic stuff in it, but that title song still occasionally gets stuck in my head, years later. It’s a MIRACLE!


(Bleach had a lot of these.)


Better Call Saul is unskippable because it’s super short with many variations:


Every DCAU Opening theme is phenominal. The original Batman one is bascially a 60 second Batman short film.



Also I can’t live by this law but I respect the fuck out of it.


If we’re including anime, both Mob Psycho 100 intros are incredible:



The intros for the other sonic shows are very silly and i don’t know if they’re good but i still love them


Really digging the Star Trek Discovery opening.

Sidenote: No one told me that show gets WILD and I feel like more people should be watching it. It’s good as hell!


EVA opening remains a bop.


Agreed. I read the title of this thread to the Kimmy Schmidt tune


2017 was a particularly strong year for anime OPs the best of which (ACCA 13) was already linked in an early post but i just wanted to share a bunch of other intros that were real good

Girls’ Last Tour:

Re:Creators 2nd opening:

Princess Principal


Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu




One of my favorite intros recently has been of Manhunter. It encompasses the theme of the show incredibly well, with the focus being on the recording device, but the quick cues to murder scenes underlying the actual reason behind the device:

Moral Orel’s intro was always a set up for something much more nefarious:

I remember how unsettled I was when Orel didn’t turn around in one.

How about The Americans? I know this show gets a lot of flak for RONALD REAGAN DOESN’T CARE caliber of scenes, but it definitely has it’s moments:

And The Expanse’s intro is the bomb:

How about cuts to titles? There’s some real fantastic scripting and editing that goes into making a small scene that serves as an expository intro into series titles. As an editor, I LOVE this shit:

One of my favorite shows, Utopia, had some amazing hard cuts to titles:

(TW: This scene is very violent.)

(TW: Threatening of children.)


Big +1 for Lain



It’s such a fantastic way to start a cyberpunk show, honestly. How advanced the technology is doesn’t necessarily matter but how we interact with it does, so Lain will always take place in the present day, at the present time, no matter how 1998 her computer looks.

Of course that’s sort of core to cyberpunk, but sometimes it being couched so far into the future (or what was the future in the 80s, at least) makes what the genre presents feel extremely distant. Lain never does that and it’s so much better for it.

Fuckin’ a that show is good as hell.


I have
so many thoughts on that show and how prescient it was/is, but all of what it had to say about identity - how much of it we define for ourselves vs. how much is defined by social forces outside of us - really resonated with me