Unskippable TV Intros

Let’s be honest, the (too simplify it) medieval jazz music and intro is the best part of Disenchantment.

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oh boy this thread is back! This thread is good! Skipping the opening to Utena is literally a crime!

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First six that came to mind that hadn’t been posted.

Wish I could find a better version of the Wakfu opening in French. Probably the GoaT when it comes to animated openings.

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Ah crap. I have to bump this thread because the TV themes thread somehow got me reminded of The Night Manager.

It’s all fetishising both arms and like three different kinds of war crimes and also luxury presumably funded by said war crimes but the darn flares from the AC-130 turn into a pearl necklace and the show kinda sorta turned out to be the best adaptation of MGS Peace Walker.


I’ve had fairly mixed feelings on the show itself so far, but the His Dark Materials intro is absolutely top tier.

The opening to Death Parade is a welcome bit of joy between some really dark episodes. I like it a lot. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UjjTMNDZi-A

gooooo fire GO!