Unsung Anime OPs (or ED)


I love the ending song from Daily Lives of Highschool Boys. The only version I can find is rlly butt quality but you get the picture.

oh and the ED for Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid makes me really happy.


I’m gonna be the dork who goes to bat for the first season of Gundam Build Fighters every day no matter what, especially for it’s 2nd OP.

The 2nd ED of Haikyuu’s 2nd season is also just so stylish and slick and I adore it.


The first Iron Blooded Orphans ED is the SINGLE REASON I watched that show in the first place.

Really old fashioned and dramatic AKA my shit


I think my username pretty much implies what my favorite anime opening is. Most of what I like ends up being really mainstream anime but I did think of one unique OP.


Wild Arms: Twilight Venom’s intro is low key but it slowly builds up to a dramatic ending.


This is really tough for me!! Especially for unsung ones, I can think of plenty of great OPs but a lot are tied to great shows that anime people recognise, like my favourite of all time is probably Hidamari Sketch x365 OP but man, everyone loves Hidamari right, lol, well, that gets to watch it. Might have to come back to this one…


It’s real bothersome that I can’t find either of the Star Driver OPs without their audio entirely cut out, but that series is delightful and its OPs and EDs match the show’s infectious mood and high quality.

I also love the OP and ED so much for Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

Sadly the ED there has the song pitched up a tiny bit, but it luckily doesn’t spoil the song or the wonderful mood of the animation.


I’ve heard this one’s legendary over in Japan, but. The opening for Galactic Cyclone Bryger. Holy shit.


Plus the opening for Denpa Onna, which had orchestration by amazing Japanese indie band Shinsei Kamattechan. Not to everyone’s taste, but…


Speaking of Shinsei Kamattechan: the lead singer of that band featured in the first of Flowers of Evil’s opening themes, along with fellow legendary singer Mariko Goto (???) Flowers of Evil had one of the deepest benches of cult favorite musicians for its theme songs, and nobody noticed. Go figure.


And finally, the visuals and music for this one are some of my favorite of the past few years. GARRROOOOOOOOO



There’s been mention of Rakugo Shinjuu’s OP2 already, but no link yet! It is easily my favorite OP of all-time, masterfully boarded to match those lovely, lovely, heavy, sad, sad, sad themes of Rakugo’s great S2. At this point, the song can get me to tear up if I keep thinking about it, so … moving on,

Mm, yes, the Aku no Hana love. A great pick, @wendeego! The ED is probably my favorite ED of all time and I love the way it just encroaches onto the end of every episode. Perfect, perfect song for a show that’s so overflowing with dread. It certainly helps that I love music along this axis of weird already.

Of course, I’m no stranger to loving effervescent pop either! Unsung OP right here! The OP for And Yet the Town Moves is just so shiny and I love the throwback big band (?) sound the song goes for. Also, check those integrated credits–especially when the coffee gets spilled!


I realize this is not cool or little known at all, but I can’t just act like this Naruto Shippuden ED wasn’t a bop:

It has some of the best fighting animation in the whole series, and we actually got to see taijitsu instead of a giant pokemon battle. It reflects the series original message of “hey, hard work pays off and you don’t have to be a god to win”.

I’ll also add Naruto Shippuden ED 12 because it’s a legitimately good song.

Orenchi No Furo Jijou OP

I loved this just because it is so incredibly misleading for an anime about a beautiful clumsy merman and his human housemate/boyfriend.


I’m glad I’m not the only Tsuritama fan here!


The first ending of From the New World is a great song and one of my favorite animation sequences ever:

also let us never forget PRESENT DAY…HAHA…PRESENT TIME:


No joke, the opening is pretty much the only thing I even remember about this show.


Everyone remembers the hilariously bad death metal OP for Death Note but I actually really liked the first one. It’s far from subtle, but neither is Death Note.


I’ve been watching Noragami Aragoto lately (really dug the first season but never got around to watching this one for some reason?) and the OP for that is stuck in my head


@Alita That High School Boys ED is still one of my favourite comedic EDs and the ruined play is such a good representation what that show is. Also the song is refreshingly unpolished and kinda sounds like a Japanese version of Grouplove? It’s great.

Spice and Wolf gets me every time. Its melancholy drift through people, places and seasons is perfect for this show. I love the folky vibes and subtle duet at the end.

This is from “WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?” which is currently airing. It’s technically not the OP but it was featured in the first episode in place of the actual OP, so, same?
The song is a cover of Scarborough Fair with a swelling string arrangement. So good! For me the music here outshines whatever is actually happening on screen, but it does a decent job of establishing a living city and all in inhabitants.

Finally KonoSuba S1 ED2. Totally unlike the show this ED is a lazy pan through an uneventful day in the life of the party. Its just filled with the wonder of everyday life and presents a pretty optimistic picture of the the world. Its a great tune.


Ah, also figured I should mention this slightly roundabout way to get to talking about an OP. I tried Steins;Gate recently and found it OK, sure, maybe-I’ll-read-the-VN-later sort of level of good. I liked the OP, “Hacking to the Gate” a fair amount, but the main reason I had the show on my watchlist in the first place was because I had heard the official orchestral arrangement of the OP, which is absolutely phenomenal!


Among all Legend of the Galactic Heroes, my two favorite ones are from season 3 and season 4



Log Horizon has a fantastic, badumb song, and I don’t think many people watched this anime because it’s very generic:



ok, if people are just straight up posting their fav ops then:


Hey guy that can’t stop talking about Nichijou, you’re alright! :+1: