Unsung Anime OPs (or ED)


hmmmm i dont know if this qualifies for this thread, since its not anime…

(silent voice is a heater tho)


ACCA was some Extremely Good Shit, the backgrounds in that show were especially astonishing.


I don’t often think that certain shows Need to be re-watched to fully appreciate the whole thing, but ACCA is pretty close. It builds on itself so beautifully.


Ok so I haven’t even watched some of these, but so many 80s anime had absolute bangers for OPs (Yoshiyuki Tomino shows especially fsr)
These ones are rly cool visually as well as being bops




The Dirty Pair OP gets brought up a lot, but the ED also secretly goes OFF:


and to go back to gundam/tomino



Also the last Jojo’s OP was a perfect anime opening for me in every way, and was a perfect fit for a series so grounded in dadrock references



I missed the chance to say ‘not anime but’ and I feel terrible


yooo Dirty Pair’s ED is so so good. I love the OVA’s as well.


Pani Poni Dash is full of great openings but i’m always gonna love the first one the most:


I love the Part 4 OP but Part 2 is still my absolute favorite


Personally, I’m a fan of the Phantom Blood OP. It just feels very “classic” to me.

I also really like the anime version of Phantom Blood though, so that probably colors my taste a bit.


Oop, another great OP with a really great English cover! I think I actually like the cover a bit more! The original singer does the low, sultry sound that starts off the OP really well but I feel like he loses a lot of power when he tries to belt it.


literally no one watched march comes in like a lion (3 gatsu no lion) except for me but the OP was banging

also please watch it, this anime was 200% relatable


3gatsu was my show of the year last year.


girl i love you
i have the shogi song stuck in my head 24/7


hold up i gotta take y’all to school, we gotta get wild n’ tough

Also, basically every Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OP/ED is good, but have y’all seen the intro/OP to the 1993 OVA? It’s 4 minutes long and the song is Very… Good

(cw: a half-naked woman gets sacrificed to a god, it’s Weird And Bad)

This OVA is so interesting though, if you haven’t seen it. Satoshi Kon actually worked on a fair bit of it, so despite being extremely inconsistent and off-model, it’s pretty worth a watch.


idk if they count as unsung but the '97 berserk op/ed are basically my favorite


Man, yeah, there’s a lot of weirdness in that OVA but if there’s any directorial highlights, it’s that Satoshi Kon got to wield his time and space-bending boards for Dio messing with that senator.


How about that original Mazinger Z OP?


" Satoshi Kon actually worked on a fair bit of it, so despite being extremely inconsistent and off-model, it’s pretty worth a watch." whoaaaa I’m gonna check this out for sure at some point.


Slow burn here, but the section from 00:24 to the end here should be a very recognizable sort of reality bending.


My problem is, I only have a vague idea of what’s popular… there are themes that I know all of my friends like, but they’re my friends and we were all in the university anime club together back when some of you couldn’t walk yet. I’m old, is what I’m saying. I love all of the Kenshin themes, but they were by people like TM Revolution and L~arc en C’eil, so not exactly “unsung”

If I have to pick one favorite it’s got to be the J-soul groove of the 1996 theme for You’re Under Arrest - Boku de Aru Tame ni by Flying Kids:

Since I don’t have to pick just one, how about Junk Boy by Kaori, the ED from Maze Megaburst Space:

For something a bit (A lot) newer how about Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets theme for Alderamin On The Sky: (Using the music video version, because ‘Band Performs in a Random Quarry/Factory/Train Yard’ is my favorite genre of music video)