Unsung Anime OPs (or ED)


Oh, a perfect OP to talk about on a forum mostly focused on games, right here; the Persona 4 the Golden anime OP! By all accounts, a very flat, uninteresting, and poorly scheduled production that really did nothing … except for its OP! It’s funny, because I’m not a huge fan of the OST of the Persona 4 game itself, but this OP kind of hits a high that 4’s sonic landscape never does elsewhere?


these are good, but i know you got deeper cuts than these, show us the goods


Ergo Proxy’s Op is a beautifully grungy and pretentious mess that for somehow draw me in every time, the angsty crane shot at 0:50 is the best…



here’s the original english opening to Tokyopop’s localization of Initial D, before Funimation got the rights to it.

I have such a soft spot in my heart for localized openings from this era, not to forget The God

also this one that Reel Big Fish did.

i guess i could go on


Mushishi comes to mind for unsung EDs. Different one every episode.

Also here’s some H&C (the first Umino Chika anime adaptation).


I just remembered this one from Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time (one of those little 3 minute comedy slice of life shorts). It’s a good song and it goes so well with the theme of the show.


I always forget that English OP for Rave Master exists, and then every few years something reminds me and I need to sit down for a minute. Congratulations on filling that role this year.


The Kimi ni Todoke OP is among my favorites. Especially the version sung by the cast

The first ED for Chihayafuru fills me with all of the fuzziest feelings

Then there’s this sentimental nostalgia bomb

And the other one


The links at the OP thing is handy, i was able to tell people had already posted the ones I was going to (Flip Flappers ED and Shinsekai Yori ED)


Possibly my favorite ED from the past five years. The video makes it.

Shame stupid copyright bullshit doesn’t let you get it with the right sound.


Ooooh yeah. This clip is bad though, what I love about this ED is the way it blends into the end of the episode to really drive home the emotions.

It’s for a similar reason that, until a certain meme surfaced last year, I would have said the first Jojo ED.

Here is my favourite ED.

Also shoutouts to the first Naruto ED because I think it’s the reason why I continued watching that show and thus took Japanese in high school and now here I am teaching English in Japan.


The best Oshii anime that nobody has watched except me apparently:


whoa, this is excellent. love 80s OPs/EDs a whole bunch.

I dunno if this qualifies as unsung, but this is for sure a favourite: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4dz0pn


The OP of Monster is great, it captures the eeriness of the series perfectly:

As far as shounen series go, I absolutely love all of Yu Yu Hakusho’s EDs, but especially this one:


I’m sorry everyone needs to see Blood Blockade Battlefront’s season 1 Ed. I love it.


The Casshern Sins op i liked because the song was pretty cool and much more upbeat than the show itself, which is weird but i enjoy.

I also really like the ED of Humanity is Declining, which more than just being genuinely good and funny manages a really strong tone that’s both relaxing and melancholic about the final stretches of humanity. It’s rare to see something about the gentle decline of humans being shown in a considered, almost positive light.


Thrilled to see personal favorites like Monster and Chronicles of the Heroic Knight already represented here. May as well add a favorite that basically no one’s ever seen, both opening and ending:

Cosmo Warrior Zero was one of a handful of cheap, rushed Captain Harlock/Galaxy Express 999 prequels produced in the early 2000s. The series itself is pretty unremarkable, but I’ve always been pretty fond of the opening and closing themes.


My fondness for it is no doubt influenced by Macross 7 being one of my formative anime experiences - it might actually be the first anime I ever saw that wasn’t, like, Pokemon - but I dig this a whole bunch:

Seventh Moon isn’t the best song on the Macross 7 soundtrack by a decent margin, but I just can’t get enough of that nineties Yoshiki Fukuyama jrock, played over shots of interstellar city ships and transforming fighter planes!


Probably my favorite ed ever.


Stealing post 100 for the best anime song