Untitled Small Games Club - Curtain - August 2020

This is the August 2020 thread for the Untitled Small Games Club, see this thread if you want to see more details about the club.

The short version is that for the month of July, we’re going to play and discuss Curtain by Dreamfeel, as suggested by… me! You might also know Dreamfeel’s recent release “If Found…”

Price: Free/PWYW

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Length: Short?

Content warning: Abuse

Please be liberal with spoiler tagging. Very small mechanical things can easily be a spoiler to others, even if you don’t think they are.

Also, have fun!

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I was hoping to finish this game tonight but I got stuck on the geometry in Kay’s Room and there’s no good way to fix that without a full restart from scratch.

This game resonates with some real toxic relationship energy that I’ve absolutely had friends describe to me before, and it’s not a comfortable vibe at all.

I thought this game was quite good. I can’t really speak to the themes, as they are not things I have experienced personally.

I’m very curious about the decisions behind the artstyle; it’s not a look I think I’ve ever seen in a game. Very disarming and uneasy.

Just after I posted this, I had a thought: I think the genre of this game is interesting because… nothing about it comes off as speculative fiction, technically speaking. It doesn’t linger in the realm of magic or sci-fi. However, by form, it becomes a kind of magical realist story. Venturing through a tunnel through the back wall of Ally’s shower through time functions as a less abrupt time jump. But by making that journey, one in which you travel by foot, it makes Curtain exist on a boundary of realism, where time and space are decoupled and recoupled in strange ways. Which is kind of cool to think about.