Utopia Remake - Official Trailer

I’m apprehensive. Part of what made the British version so good and UNBELIEVABLY unsettling was the sinister but cheerful score and the bright, poppy characters who are unfathomably evil. It played with my uncomfortable feelings more than any other show or movie ever has. Seriously, hard CW for violence if you look up any clips of the original Channel 4 program.

But look at that trailer compared to this:

CW for violence.

The tone is MUCH more sinister and mysterious than the typical editing of modern trailers, and what we see in the Amazon series. I hope this is just a badly cut trailer, and doesn’t reflect the tone of the show itself. It seems like it’s going to follow the original’s plot pretty closely though.

Seems odd timing to drop this now with a global pandemic going on though… I know they started production before the COVID-19 outbreak, but I feel like I would have put it on hold until for a couple of years if I were running Prime. Also, releasing a show about a conspiracy within the government seems oddly timed as well. It was fine for the original’s release in 2013, before this stuff became so prevalent in modern politics.

One thing that makes me curious is if Amazon prime got the rights to the original show, and will start playing them for American streaming. I hope so.

Also if this song isn’t in the show I don’t wanna watch it: