‘Valhalla’ Asks What Makes a Good King and a Great ‘Assassins Creed’

It’s 873 A.D. and England is lousy with kings. It’s a hostile land awash in Danes, Saxons, and Roman ruins. It’s a crossroads of cultures and crumbling empires where Pagans clash with Christians. Eivor, the hero of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, tears through this mytho-historical landscape, having come from Norway to establish a new home for their Raven clan. On these new shores, in a war-torn landscape, Eivor is always asking: what makes a good king? As I played through Eivor’s journey I found myself asking: what makes a great Assassin’s Creed?

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It’s nice to hear that this isn’t a waste of people’s time but it’s definitely not something I’ll be playing until a year or so down the track. I burned myself out on Odyssey at the start of the pandemic, and I wouldn’t have finished Origins if not for the fact that the game was so much more carefully paced and focused than the series had been up until that point.

This sounds like a better Odyssey, which I enjoyed but have no real affection for or interest in a refinement of.

They should probably give their employees 3 months paid leave, give them royalties, and fire everyone involved with covering up the shit that went down there as well. I don’t care if you can ride a wolf Yves, tell us what you knew.


Seems universal that this game is a buggy mess. I’m curious if the day one patch will iron out some of these problems, but who knows…

Ordered this off Shop-To and it arrived early. Looking forward to diving in from what I saw on the Giant Bomb stream it looked very nice. Glad I saw what the male Eivor was like as I didn’t care for the voice actor so the decision, like in Odyssey, will be an easy one.

Aw, I love male Eivor’s voice. I’ll try both tho, seeing as how you can switch between them.

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I didn’t know you could switch between. That’s good. I should also clarify I only watched a couple of minutes so the VA might well grow on me lol.

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It also looks like you can let the game switch between them on its own as it sees fit based on the story


Aye I’ve just checked the “Let the Animus choose” option which apparently switches between the two throughout the story.

Have also went for the one shy of the hardest combat and hardest assassination difficulties with the minimal HUD. The game is very beautiful even if I feel some aspects of marking objectives don’t appear to be working.


Yeah, from what I’ve heard, I’d speculate that the voice direction got lowkey sexist and decided female Eivor needed to be especially gruff to be both a viking and a woman, leading to a direction noticeably less naturalistic than male Eivor’s recordings.

I recognize it’s very likely not the VA’s fault at all but I’ve pretty definitively decided I’m going with the male VA whenever I get around to this game.

Okay, that’s kind of the coolest thing in the world. Is this what happens when devs actually design for a customizable protagonist? We get a secret gender fluid mode?

I wish I could get into this series but I just can’t. I really liked Brotherhood but truth be told that was mostly because of the mechanic of building up a small army of assassin’s. Everything past that just can’t hold my attention. I guess in part it’s because the plots always seem like throwaways that exist only to justify the setting but maybe I just always bounce too fast for the plot to get good.

This one has a village builder thing. Might be your jam.

Okay that is definitely my jam because I am a sucker for a town building mechanic which is probably the only reason I’m still playing State of Decay 2. I’ll have to check out that part of the game.

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Valhalla asks me if something is broken because I get to the screen where you pick Female/Male Eivor and no buttons do anything. I can’t select anything to proceed.

E: Ok so I had turned on Hold Alternative in the settings. Turning this off again let me make the selection and proceed.

Nice accessibility testing, Ubisoft.

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Woman Eivor reminds me heavily of WWE UK Superstar Pete Dunne so from now on she will be referred to as The Bruiserweight.


Had my first CTD by pressing the screenshot button.

So uh… Don’t do that.

It kind of seems like Ubisoft’s PC ports are really bad and that I’ve been smart to keep getting them on console, huh?


Yeah, I think there’s issues with Ubisoft Connect.

I’m getting a lot of cuts to audio and my controller keeps disconnecting. I’m gonna disable the overlay and see if it helps.

They removed the alternate control scheme so now I have to manually change each input. I’ve never been able to get with attacks being on the shoulder buttons. Light on square, heavy on triangle, dodge on circle, etc. It seems like such an odd thing to remove.

That was the way it was on Origins and Odyssey right?

Yeah it’s just really odd that they had it in the last two games and took it out now. I found someone on reddit that pretty much recreated it and I’ll post the link. It’s annoying that all the people who use that setting either have to erase the muscle memory learned from the hundreds of hours with the previous games or cobble it back together manually.

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