'Valkyria Chronicles 4' Wants Your Faith Back

Sega made a very unexpected but welcome announcement this week: Valkyria Chronicles 4 is in development, on track for release in 2018. The news comes via a trailer posted to YouTube, which details the design philosophy behind the game and provides an in-engine look at the story and characters. It also highlights the a return to the tactical gameplay that most fans remembered, even after the series seemed like it had forgotten..

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Here hoping it’ll do well.

It’s like Star Trek except the odd numbered ones are seen as better. :open_mouth:

2 wasn’t too bad (School life idea was a bit much).

School life was too much for me personally and killed it for me. I don’t know between the way it was added into series like that, Legend of Heroes, etc. there’s points where I have an It’s A Wonderful Life moment and am like “maybe I’d still like JRPGs if Harry Potter and Persona 3 didn’t take off.” :smiley:

The producer put out an interview after the announcement on the PlayStation blog stating the thing with the games after the first was that they wanted to focus on the JP audience first since they were going with the PSP, so they pushed a lot more lighthearted stuff and Mon Hun style progression with 2 and with 3 they did the whole “super fantastic black ops” angle which was a bit more grounded but still out there in a way. Since they’re focusing more than just on the local audience, they stating they’re going back to the grounded war story, but expanding on it to outside the original setting, so I’m interested to see how it goes.

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This is not a very complex comment from me, but I don’t think it’s quite fair to consider all of the previous follow-up games as disappointing, especially not the third game in particular.

The lack of localization of said PSP sequel is sad, yet doesn’t reflect any implied or inherent flaw in VC3 itself, which is arguably far superior to the second game in technical terms and brings back the spirit of the first title in various ways.

If the VC4 team includes veteran staff from both VC1 and VC3, it’ll be fine.

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