Valkyria Chronicles discussion thread


So I just played some of the VC4 demo and have come away impressed. VC1’s terrific art style is back, the battle system is as fun as ever, and the campaign menu is a book! Some things feel a little too samey, like Claude’s love of nature mirroring Welkin’s, but otherwise the game is sounding all the right notes to get me excited.

I ended up checking it out on my Switch and Xbox One X. While the Xbox version looked better on a 4K display, it wasn’t by much. The Switch version holds its own while docked, and it practically sings in handheld mode. No idea why, but the game feels like it was built for the Switch’s vibrant screen.

Has anyone else checked out the demo? What did you think?


On vacation right now without my Switch (not my smartest move) but am really looking forward to playing the demo and the full game–as soon as I finish Octopath…

This is a pretty sentiment and I have always thought that VC would tremendously benefit from a portable platform (sorry never owned a PSP). As always, for me, the biggest selling point of any game on the Switch is the handheld mode.


The portability aspect is huge IMO. I played VC2 on Vita, and while I enjoyed the experience, it was clearly handicapped by being made for the relatively weak PSP hardware. The Switch version of VC4 being a no-compromises VC experience is a revelation for me.


I like VC a lot but one issue I had is with the number of turns affecting your ranking, which really killed me. I tended to play slow, especially in the earlier levels, and I felt like that punished you a bit.

That said I tried 4 and am excited for it.

I skimmed through this thread and only saw one mention of Valkyria Revolution. I had to play that game for review and holy wow it was so bad it literally put me to sleep, causing me to drop my controller onto my foot. Theo nly instance I can think of where a videogame has caused me physical pain.


I feel like this is a recurring problem in the tactics genre as a whole, as you also see this issue in XCOM and Mario+Rabbids. While I get the impulse to encourage players to efficient play that forces understanding of mechanics, it does feel crummy to get a bad grade after a hard won skirmish. Perhaps the best way to approach this is to not grade you on the first attempt, instead giving you a set amount of rewards for completion, and then allowing for subsequent graded runs with additional rewards.


that would be cool, honestly. plus it gives you a reason to go back and try again.


This is a huge pet peeve of mine in any genre. Save that stuff for new game plus. While it’s nice patting myself on the back any time I get a good grade on my first try, it makes no sense to grade players the same way on a first run as you would their fifth, when they know exactly where the enemies are and how to counter them.

I liked the first VC game quite a bit, but only got through it save scumming like hell. I remember a lot of really unfair mid-mission events that could wipe you out if you didn’t know they were coming. And some missions could take hours.

Usually I avoid demos for RPG’s, but I’ll probably give this one a shot since you can carry over your progress to the full game.


I played through the Japanese demo earlier in the year and enjoyed it. They definitely made it feel like VC1 again, but it seems as though they’ve also iterated via the mission design to keep it from playing like the exact same game just with a new cast, which is good.

I’ll probably play through the English demo just to get my progress carried over. There was also something that piqued my interest a bit in the Japanese demo with regards to a character’s gender(?) so I’m interested in seeing the English translation. Was told by somebody not to look into it too much.


Just booted up the demo for VC4 and its literally band of brothers. I’m pretty sure this one girl is even in David Schwimmer’s role. really excited for it if thats the case. I really like the series’s approach to giving soldiers personalities and reasons for fighting and I’ve always wanted a game to take that approach and go even further in ways that remind me of band of brothers and its literally doing it.
I could imagine earlier games may have gotten inspiration from BoB but between Squad E (easy company) and the whole character coming out from the bush doing flash/thunder (which tbf isn’t exclusive to BoB given its from irl) it seems pretty likely. Hope to see more references and see how they handle the different characters and possibly go further into dealing with the realities of war. Doing something like Bastogne, Carentan, or Why We Fight would be super nice to see.

Also I heard they have a trans woman character and I’m really hoping they handle it well.
Tbh I expected them to go further into anime nonsense but so for I’m really getting hyped about it


This came out yesterday–rad! Then I saw this article online–way less rad.

So, I am looking to thread the needle and talk about this game as a game that has just come out and I have been really looking forward to but also talk about some of the issues of representation and harassment in the game as well. I think the concerns and critiques raised in this article are valid in one sense–based on my 5-6 hours of playing Raz is a skeezy harasser and I wish we could abandon this character trope forever–but also maybe a little overblown? I do not mean to minimize sexual harassment in any way or try to employ that lazy and dishonest defense of “cultural” differences but I genuinely haven’t encountered anything that backs up the claim made in the article that the tone of the game is “a women’s ability is never given the same level of treatment their technical skills would grant them as a man”… then again, I am early into the game and I have long since accepted that video games are always capable of disappointing me. I will add though that the random swings from pretty serious war drama to horny dudes is a bit jarring and disorienting at times especially coming off of chapter 2 (end of the demo) and the subsequent interlude.

On the other hand, I do want to call attention to the new side-quest mechanics that show you more story about the members of your squad. I have unlocked Rosetta’s side story and the supplemental material is showing a depth of character and storytelling that I am genuinely impressed by. Valkyria Chronicles 1 did a good job of presenting you with a diverse cast and some backstory but you were left to really fill in the blanks. This game seems a little more upfront and committed to giving you very rounded portraits of unique people in your squad? That seems good?

I dunno, Sega could definitely do better and fuck every gamergate dude and Twitter troll who is crying about SJWs and cultural marxism or whatever. Really hope Austin has an article/review about the game coming out soon!


I’m also about 4-5 hours in and ya, Raz is definitely skeezy. And not to minimize it, because it’s bad, but I think the issue is endemic to the godawful writing in every aspect of the game. Like, the game manages to hit every annoying anime trope, and I’ve barely started! Don’t get me wrong, VC4 delivers more of that VC goodness, so I’m enjoying myself, but the story so far has been so hacky and cliched that I wonder how I ever cared for Welkin and the gang in VC1.


Claude is so Welkin it is wild… am seriously waiting for him to make a comment about the local flora.

The story really does feel a lot like VC1 which isn’t terrible necessarily but a little bit of a bummer. I was so excited when VC1 was announced for Switch but if this game is basically going to match it beat for beat, I don’t see myself actually repurchasing/playing VC1 when it releases. (Who am I kidding I totally will.)

Switching over to a positive note: the new class is really rad and while enemey AI is still janky I have felt like the battles are a lot bigger and uglier. You could cheese a lot in VC1 and a lot of the missions felt like you would randomly bump in to isolated enemies. The scale in VC4 feels larger and like you are actually in a major war. That is cool except for the fact that I keep overextending my scouts…

Oh also, I said it earlier in this thread but playing this game as a portable IS GREAT.


bummed to hear the main story writing hasn’t really improved (and maybe got worse???) from VC1. that was always my main complaint about VC1, i thought the main cast was pretty boring/obnoxious. the side quest thing on the other hand i’m hype for. i can’t wait to learn all about rosetta, jean, and that bald “woke feminist” guy.

are the side quest things voiced, or is it all talking-head text sequences? are we talking like ME2-style loyalty missions?


The one I completed was fully voiced. Nothing terribly unique in terms of animations–follows the standard VC approach of comic book panels / talking heads and some movement–but it didn’t feel as hollow as, say, Fire Emblem supports where the characters might voice one of their generic lines but otherwise be silent.


How far along are folks in this game? I have taken a little pause in progressing the plot because I am committed to trying to A rank the Battle of Siegval - Break the Line. That battle is both a nice step up in terms of difficulty but also a really cool display of the scope of the war and some of the improvements since VC1. I mean, the mission is also a colossal pain in the ass but it feels like "actual war instead of a video game war in which you are specifically guided down a set path with prearranged encounters (looking at you patrol in the dark mission).


Lol, I just A-ranked the first Siegval battle after four tries. I keep telling myself to just push through the story and grab A-ranks later when my squad is leveled up, but it feels more satisfying doing it this way. That’s cool though, I’m happy to have this game be a slow burn.


…how?! I am thinking I need to somehow abuse the cactus but no matter how far into enemy territory I take it, Raz and my lancer seem to get torn to shreds when they deploy.

I had also told myself I was going to push through the story and grab A-ranks post-game but, ugh, the D that is currently on the Siegval map is driving me insane!!


You’re on the right track with the Cactus. What I found to work is grabbing the southeast and southwest bases first. The south east base falls pretty quickly if you load up the cactus with an shock trooper and take the Gatling cannon from behind. The southwest one can be rushed with a scout on turn one. The rest of your units should be taking out ridge emplacements (snipers and mortars are key). From there, keep using the mortars to take out the second set of ridge emplacements and use the cactus to drop an shock trooper and lancer on the northwest base to cause havoc there for a bit. Use the extra tanks to take out the enemy armor, but don’t worry too much about them. The emplacements are the real danger. Then on turn 4, load up the APC with a shock trooper or two and rush the final base.


Thanks. We’ll see what happens tonight! (What will probably happen is someone will miss a clear and easy headshot, I will curse, reload the mission, it will happen two more times, and I will go to bed.)


I’m on like the fourth mission and I think I’ve had characters get knocked out more already than I did all through my play through of the VC1 remaster.