Valkyria Chronicles discussion thread


I did it! A rank for the entire seige. First mission was definitely the hardest and then it got progressively better from there. I am not ashamed to have returned to the old tried and true tactic of issuing a bunch of orders and then having a scout blitz. This game has done a lot to discourage that sort of play but it is still possible.
The grenadier class is a whole lot of fun. Don’t know if I use Riley optimally but man I love shelling stuff and watching enemies try and close the distance on their turn only to get bombed.
@syz, I gotta agree with you. I think the difficult ramps a lot faster and the enemy AI can’t be cheesed as easily as in VC1. That and, despite my above love of thr grenadier, I have had to restart missiosn multiple times as I have been mercilessly blown to smithereens.


Nice! Yea, the first Siegval battle is a bit of a difficulty spike when compared to subsequent missions, but I liked it for being a wake up call from the easy early missions.

I’m a bit further in now, and I’m starting to get annoyed with the game’s ancient menu system. The menus are so sloooow, with stilted dialogue anytime I go back to headquarters to outfit my squad and level them up (so to speak). Here’s hoping that VC5 get a UI facelift.


Totally agree about the menu. The book setup is really novel (pun intended) and charming but way too cumbersome. I feel like an hour of my play time is easily navigating the menu and having to hear those mandatory comments; I get it Minerva, my troops have leveled up so to speak.


FYI, the latest episode of Three Moves Ahead has Austin, Rob, and Heather Alexandra get deep into VC4. It’s nearly two hours of them looking at almost every part of the game and really helped to organize my conflicting thoughts on it.


Oh cool thanks for sharing. Does it go deep in to story spoilers or anything like that? I have a long drive tomorrow and would listen to this but I am also trying to play the game relatively spoiler free… Although Google’s autofill did run what I assume is a major plot point for me.


I wouldn’t say there are major spoilers, but I will preface that by saying that I’m not that sensitive to spoilers in general. There’s discussion about the Siegval battles, the battle right after that, and side stories of certain characters. If you’ve followed along with the Waypoint Radio discussions on the game, they don’t go too much further than what was discussed there.


Thanks for the clarification. I do not think I am generally sensitive to spoilers but, based on the aforementioned Google autofill incident, and some of the trope-y nature of the plot and series, I am anticipating one or two twists/surprises that I would like to be relatively blind to. That said, sounds like this episode matches with where I am in my game so that’s cool.

I follow the podcast regularly but hadn’t noticed any detailed conversation about the game spare a few weeks ago when Austin said he was 20 hours in (and maybe is writing a review?) and Rob in the next episode talking about how he didn’t realize how much he missed the series until he had a bunch of scouts pinned down.

Unrelated, you ever get one of these notices:

Some of the attention to detail in this forum is real funny.


I haven’t got that notice yet, but maybe it’s because I’m on mobile? Whatevs, that just means we need more peeps in here talking some Valk.


Had a stretch the other night that made me wonder if these Imperial lancers are actually just snipers in disguise or something…

The rocket men are hitting my units clean in the mouth from down town. My lancers can’t hit a tank engine that’s 4 feet in front of them. One of them is named Jean Matrix she shouldn’t be allowed to miss.


I’m so happy I haven’t had a mission yet that depended on my lancers’ accuracy. They’re so unwieldy!


“Move over XCOM” indeed. I played the first Valkyria Chronicles on PC back in the early months of 2016(Earlier than the launch of PS4 remaster mind you.), mainly because XCOM 2 frustrated the shit out of me with its flawed at launch state. While challenging at points, VC is a game prime for save scuming thus provide the perfect antinode for the prog-gen frustration that is XCOM2. I also enjoyed VC for it allows one both the pleasure of tactic maneuver and shoot one’s enemies in their faces. At the time of this post, I am 5 chapters into 4 on Switch, I guess it would be the last game I need for the rest of the year.


Have we talked about the side stories at length because I keep failing to advance the main plot because I love the side stories so much. They are such a good way to give all the members of your squad more personality and depth (yeah, okay, some of them are pretty cliched and not good) and they have also provided me with some of the most fun and creative maps/tactics I have encountered thus far. Really appreciate that these missions force you to load out with a very limited squad and really explore the strengths and weaknesses of each unit type. In that regard, these missions do a better job of teaching you some of the mechanics of the game than the main plot: e.g. you really do not need 10 units at the start of every mission.


I really like the side stories, but so far I’m on chapter 6 and I’ve only unlocked three of them. Is there something I need to do to unlock more?


I am not sure on what actually unlocks them; this guide says you need to use the units “often — about 20 CP uses in campaign missions, or 40 CP uses in skirmish missions total.” That may make sense based on my playing as I found a way to cheese Skirmish 3 and was grinding exp and hoping that if I deploy/play with characters who like each other I would unlock stuff; however, I do not think I have actually done that many CP uses… In contrast, I feel like I unlocked one simply by having three characters deployed during the first Siegval mission and didn’t actually use them.


Guess their grenadiers aren’t as good as their lancers.


Look, I get and appreciate that the ranking system does not seriously impact any part of the story or gameplay. It’s cool and it is a fun way to measure yourself as a player. I got it. And yet, this dang ranking system is going to be the death of me because whenever I don’t get an A rank I am compelled to play the same mission over and over until there’s a dang A.


A IS Anime, after all.


I want to retract a prior statement I made, that “Claude is so Welkin.” Claude is growing on me and, dare I say it, is more interesing than Welkin. Character development in VK4 is still leaving a bit to be desired (I hope I never know war to find out I am wrong, but I am absolutely flummoxed how almost everyone is almost always extremely horny) but I think certain aspects are handled well and the main story is doing a pretty fine job in my mind of providing some interesting background info like Claude’s weather sensitivity and Minerva’s feelings towards Claude.

Other sort of throwaway impression: have been having some fun scrolling through the personnel pages and checking out different character ages. I am 30 and seeing how young most of them are makes me feel very old and confused.


I’ll also say that the VC4 crew is growing on me, especially after playing more squad stories and seeing the main campaign progress. I don’t fully retract my previous criticisms, but these knuckleheads are pretty charming.


So I finished 4 last week.

I feel comfortable saying in that I enjoyed it as much as I did VC1. Its got some problems with its storytelling, thankfully it for the most part gets better by its second half.

Squad Stories have been a fantastic edition for fleshing out your characters and one of the first things I did after completion was grinding to see all of them (Jester is best boy, fite me irl)

Claude for me started out as a poor mans Welkin and by the end turned out even better to my shock and surprise. I feel he kind of brings the best of Welkin frank honesty and good heart while also bringing a weariness and tiredness as it all goes on that just makes him all the better

Riley I enjoyed for the most part. While I feel sometimes here character doesn’t really get much time to shine, the times she does get its great

The same goes for Kai though she gets much more time than Riley and one of her subplots is pretty great, but Im still undecided if it ended well or not.

Raz is a character I feel kind of earned his redemption by the end. While starting out really sketchy he grew on me little by little and he earned his spot by the end (not gonna spoil but a certain chapter is probably one of the games most powerful moments)

Gameplay wise I feel some things were fixed (grenadiers are pretty fucking sweet) and the ship commands you get feel really cool and powerful. On the other hand Lancers unfortunately still feel too lackluster and the most effective strategy is once again Scout Rushing. So some things havent been fixed

All in all I think I had a hell of a time and would definitely recommend it. Its got problems but at the same time I cant help but love it all the same.

Also being as this is my first post… Hi Waypoint :slight_smile: I apologize for whatever case of the dumbs I come down with as it goes on