Valve investigated by Brazilian government over game which incites violence against election candidates

Valve’s hands-off, reactionary approach to managing what gets sold on their storefront has come back to bite them, assuming this investigation has any consequences for them.

A friend of mine pulled his work off Steam when Valve announced it would “allow everything” on the service, and crap like this is exactly why he did it.

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In case anyone thinks this might have just flown under the radar, I personally know of dozens of people who reported this once it appeared on the store. That Valve have made absolutely no reaction to fascist propaganda being distributed on their platform is not because they were unaware.


Jeez, they really don’t want to hire ANYONE to fix this problem, do they?

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i honestly just think valve is fash


I’m inclined to agree. Like Twitter, they keep making space for this crap up until the point where there’s a large public outrage.


Wait, so numerous people have reported the game, journalists have been reaching out to Valve about it, and they’re being investigated by the Brazilian government and they STILL haven’t taken it down??? Am I missing something here?

This is pretty much their system working as expected.

I’m Brazilian and our situation is as fucked as you’ve heard, if not worse. I’m too exhausted to say anything meaningful or coherent at this point so I’ll just say that personally I swore off buying anything from Steam early this year, and I haven’t been tempted to go back ever since, especially when it feels like every other week there’s another case of them allowing heinous shit on their platform. Fuck Valve.