Valve Is Beefing With Sweden About Whether Dota 2 Esports Is Sports

Dota 2's championship, one of the biggest events in esports, might have to find a different venue because Swedish bureaucracy is refusing to classify esports as sports, which could prevent professional players from entering the country in order to compete.

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I’m a bit surprised Valve would gamble like this in a year following 2020 when a lot of people are still trying to get a vaccine. If you’re going to have competitors physically be in the same location why not pick the US where they won’t have trouble with visas and venue and then focus on a big streamed event with no audience?

It seems like someone higher up at Valve is out of touch with the current state of the world and is too focused on the spectacle that is The International then to take things like a world recovering from a pandemic into account. Sorry but the Olympics are currently struggling and having pushback maybe take a hint and read the room.