Valve Is Officially Making Another Half-Life Game

Valve will unveil Half-Life: Alyx, a “flagship” VR game from the company, later this week, according to the company's official Twitter account.

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This is just beyond surreal.

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I called it. None of you were there but I called it.

I’ve been saying for years that the next game we see bearing the name Half-Life will be a VR game. I had assumed it would be a launch title for the Vibe but I guess it’s true Valve style to release it far after it’s expected.



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I’m very curious as to how they’re going to handle Alyx as a character in 2019 since, from what I can remember, her role in HL2 is largely to look directly at you and tell you how good and powerful and strong you are. Like, can they make her into more than just a fulfillment of the male power fantasy?

Also hey they’re finally doing a half life thing and a big vr thing and that in itself is pretty neat.


this has been something i think to myself every few months, starting with genuine excitement with a little more cynicism creeping in each time

That’s the funniest joke I’ve seen since the release state of Duke Nukem Forever.

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At least it’s a VR game so I can feel 100% justified in not caring at all about this one.


So, it looks like a lot of the discourse seems to be traditional FPS people disappointed that the next entry is a VR exclusive.

I mean, we don’t know, it could be a VR/FPS game.

But I kind of get where they are coming from. The people who are most supportive of Half-Life would be totally fine with a linear narrative focused sequel. Valve seems to believe they need to innovate with every release. I agree with both? You are somewhat alienating a portion of the audience who is the most excited about this with a VR release. Unless it’s like a small, 3 hour kind of deal, which sounds CRAZY to attach the Half-Life label on it…

I dunno, a lot of mixed feelings here.

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I make good money, but I don’t make VR Early Adopter Money, so this isn’t for me. Oh, well.

Anyone still clinging to a pre-DOTA 2 vision of Valve is a rube in 2019. The best Valve game is still Portal 2 and we should just be happy that we all have it in our steam libraries, whether we wanted it there or not.


This is super fascinating. I have zero interest in VR and not much excitement for Half Life these days but I’m curious to see if Valve are going to throw their resources behind this and make VR killer app that everyone has been waiting for.

Apparently there is a good chance Valley of the Gods is dead, so I don’t have too much patience for Valve right now. Then announcing a game, after many years of talking about VR games, for their $1000+ platform: I sleep.


Cheaper than going to college, I guess

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As someone who hasn’t played a Half-Life game since the last one 12 years ago, I don’t really have any hype or excitement for this, but am interested in seeing the gameplay on Thursday.

I am surprised some people are so eager for a headcrab to jump on their face in VR. That’s a Nope from me.

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Congratulations to the 8 people who still care about the Half Life franchise in 2019. May your niche be forever fulfilled.

Also since most Half Life writers and designers left the company expect this game to have literally zero soul.


This is soooooo depressing… I’m still mourning the untimely death of Important if True…


man, this suuuuccckkkkssssss


Is this a good time to post Half-Life memes?

I hadn’t heard anything about that, did some googling, and…wow, that sucks. I loved Firewatch and was so looking forward to ItVoG.