Valve Is Officially Making Another Half-Life Game

Looks like Erik Wolpaw and Jay Pinkerton returned to Valve and are writers on this game, so that’s something. Also Marc Laidlaw, while no longer a writer at Valve, still consulted them on the game.


I’d say that’s the ethics of working for Valve are a separate, but related ethical question. Whether we like it or not a lot of valuable creative or intellectual disciplines are facilitated by incredibly nasty business practices because the people doing the work have outsourced the making of those ethical considerations to business development.

The pharmaceutical and engineering industries especially are full of passionate, smart, responsible people who are furthering the course of human misery because their jobs allow them to “do what they love doing”. As work in the global north becomes more and more skill-oriented, industries do whatever they can to ensure people get to do the thing they love doing in the most lucrative and atomised way possible.

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Sorry yes, to be clear I agree with this. It’s a separate question that bears asking and hashing out. I only meant that I was only responding to the idea of their independence. Critically thinking about the ethics of the company is also worth doing.

My thoughts precisely. Adam Foster (Minerva: Metastasis) is also working on it, so I have hope for the level design.

Another aspect that made it tough for them was the San Francisco was only livable for them insofar that they were grandfathered in in terms of housing and ability to run a studio. The only way they could manage to expand was to basically teleconference all hours on the clock, because the city priced out people they wanted to work with.

Chris talked about it a few weeks back on a podcast, and about how he personally may never be able to live in the city again.

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Just found this very apt post of mine from the hypothetical 2023 GotY thread.

And I stand by that remark. So many people outed themselves as corpsec!

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edit for clarity: In the Valley of Gods is officially on hold


Well it’s cancelled. That’s unfortunate. Less sad for this game in particular (though sad after all that hair tech stuff was cool), and more sad for for the fact that a talented group of developers have been dissolved into AAA quagmire and we didn’t even get a chance at a follow up at all.

Though tbh, given the way that this game seemed to have been abandoned ship as fast as it did, I wonder if it or the studio was having issues.


Hopped into this thread to see how folks were feeling about “Valve’s making a new Half-Life game! In VR” and y’all were right about where I expected to find you.

I am kind of on a lot of different pages with this:
-Valve’s actually making a video game! A Half-Life game!
-…in VR
-At least the Campo Santo folks are working on it
-because they aren’t doing their own thing anymore
and perhaps my biggest question of all:
-What does it even mean to be a Half-Life game nowadays?