Valve Reveals 'Dota' Card Game to Disappointed Fans at The International


Nobody asked for this, apparently

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In all seriousness though, I think this showed why Day[9] is so frequently hired for hosting roles (even if he is still relatively new to the game in question). Regardless of the audience’s reaction, he has to make the pitch anyway and he still managed to make it sound interesting.

Personally, I enjoy card games a lot and am open to a card game bringing me in. While I prefer physical card games because I’m an avid collector, I’m open to getting back into a digital one again to play on my own. Hearthstone brought me in despite having almost no history with the Blizzard or Warcraft lore. Since my enjoyment of that has subsided, I’ve had a space left to fill by a digital card game. I’ve tried a couple others (including from the TCG/CCG thread) but nothing has stuck yet. Maybe this Dota card game will be it (even with my limited knowledge of Dota).


Out of context, the idea of people booing a new Valve game in 2017 seems wild.

I’m not a big enough card game buff to keep track of all the ones that are coming out now (even the much-praised ones like Eternal), so this will probably not encroach terribly deeply into my radar. I hope it’s good, I guess? Dota is even less my thing than Warcraft was, though.


The whole discourse around this is so weird. There’s so much vitriol towards Valve over this and realistically it doesn’t make sense, but I understand it all too well.

My initial reaction was laughter and I’d guess being underwhelmed? It is kinda like seeing a band you loved start playing to the radio; it might not be a bad thing and you might still enjoy it, but it’s not what you fell in love with them for.

I have no doubt it will be a good game and I might even really enjoy it, but yeah, I am a bit disappointed. I know logically I have no reason to be, but I am nonetheless.


I realize I’m in the minority when I say that this is the only way I could be interested in a Valve game in 2017. I have no interest in Half Life, and while I love Portal 1 & 2, I don’t see myself getting super hyped for Portal 3 at this point. I guess a totally new thing (which this mostly is, to be fair) would be kind of exciting, but it’s been so long since they’ve made a game that I’m not sure that the Valve name really carries the weight it once did.

I like the idea of MOBAs (cooperative competitive gaming sounds like a lot of fun in theory), but god I despise actually playing them. But a condensed version in the form of a card game? Okay fine, you got me. To be honest, I’m a sucker for any card game so I would have tried it regardless, but I like the sound of them playing around with the formula of how combat/interaction traditionally works in card games. Jagex did something similar with the (now abandoned) Chronicles, but I ended up not liking it, so hopefully this will be more to my taste. I’ve moved from Hearthstone to Eternal exclusively now, so I’ve got room in my heart for another really good card game. Here’s hoping this turns out great.


I wonder if they revealed this at a different time like before or after the event would people be mad or just like that ok?