Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Announced

I actually tried playing the famous Activision one and found it gross. Not interested.

sees Chris Avellone is working on this

fuck goddamn it okay fine heres my moneyy sobs uncontrollably fuck i want this damnitt

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Pretty sure the Gog version comes with the unofficial patch bundled!

Cara Ellison being attached to this has me quietly excited though I respect folks’ right to be uneasy and/or uncomfortable with all the baggage that comes the Paradox/White Wolf name as alluded to earlier in this thread. I’d encourage everyone to be understanding of that discomfort even if you yourself are excited at the prospect of another one of these games.

Still, I hope this game turns out to be what everyone is hoping for. Some of the things mentioned in these early interviews is encouraging and gives me hope in spite of how uneven the original game was.


oh my god they got Mitsoda and Avellone and Cara Fucking Ellison

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Well, I watched the trailer and can now definitively say that my hemophobia can still be sparked by video games, which I thought I was over.

Ability Unlock: Uphill Ice-skating


I’m so excited by everything about this in a way that I haven’t been about a game in quite some time (although I’m starting to feel the hype for Dragon Age 4 now that it’s official). White Wolf’s universe is so appealing to me and I can’t wait to get the chance to hang out in it again. Here’s hoping this leads to lots more chances to do that.

I was skeptical about them using Seattle as a setting (especially with that trailer seeming to lean hard into chasing homeless people through construction sites, yuck), but then I saw who was involved and that they live here. This could be good, actually.

The whole Vampire setting is a tough thing to pick up in 2019. The WoD setting is at least 40% “What if xenophobic right wing paranoia was true”, but I’m really looking forward to how this team in particular is able to take that history and do something better with it.

underrated post


BRB changing my Twitter bio to “Uphill ice skating gold medalist”


Jokes aside, as a long time Seattle resident I have high hopes for Camarilla run Amazon being the antagonist in this game.


I am very excited to hear more about this and it sounds like they got some really good folk on that writing team.

Big fan of the first one, even though it’s a mess most of the time. Will wait to see what this game actually looks like before I start getting excited. But I will say it can be made in Source for all I care and I would still be pretty happy.

I’m reasonably excited for this.

(Who am I kidding, I’m unreasonably excited for this and seeing Cara facking Ellison involved certainly helps)

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I loved the first one but am only cautiously optimistic about this one as it’s been quite a while since an immersive sim has given me that great feeling they used to. I think they’ve just gotten so good looking and detailed at this point that the seams that are visible give them an uncanny valley quality.

I’m uneasy about this b/c of the headlines that the franchise has been involved in recently, but at the same time, I’m a sucker for a good RPG, and the fact that people I trust have hopes for this makes me have hope too.

Yes I think so too
But I am not sure if it’s new version and if you get option but for the plus version?

I fully expect stupid YouTube to rally around this as evidence of THE LEFT PROMOTING VIOLENCE.

We’ll see if it catches.