Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

one of the most broken RPGs of all time, and yet one of the best!

let’s try to keep the discussion about something other than That Level. you know which one i mean.

for those with more experience than me; i haven’t done too many runs, is fishmalk worth it? it seems fun but idk if it’s a worthwhile investment of my time


It’s been years, but as I recall a Malkavian run is mostly just flavor text city–a bit different from playing most of the other classes, but not as far afield as a Nosferatu. The dialogue options range from absurdist non sequitur to overly on-the-nose self awareness (there are several moments where your Malkavian can say stuff like “This is even crazier than I am!” or words to that effect. It’s not subtle, is what I’m saying).

Still, it is a way to add a new inflection to the game, which was worth it to me at the time.

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The Malkavian run was the most fun I’ve ever had in an RPG exclusively because of the ridiculous dialog options. I’ve got a folder full of screenshots of some of the more ridiculous lines in the game. If you’re going into it willing to accept that the playthrough is going to be a “comedic” playthrough of the game you’ll love it.

I actually never tried a Tremere playthough. I remember there being something I was locked out of in Downtown LA with Maximillian Strauss - anyone remember that? Does that lead to anything interesting? Separate side quests, or something similar?

I played a Tremere but I can only vaguely remember what you’re talking about. I don’t think I’ve touched the game since it came out. I think it results in a side quest but a lot of my memories of that game are more of the tone and atmosphere.

That game was my introduction to WoD and it does a pretty good job of setting the table.

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I used to do a show with That Video Game Podcast called Game Club, and we played this one! We did a whole show about it!

I’m the goofy looking dude at the bottom of the screen. discounts regularly.

Tried it last year for the first time as Nosferatu (the survey you take at the beginning recommend as much). I was really into it, but the isolation of life as Master Splinter got to me after a while and I never finished it. Would’ve been nice to have some more npcs outside of mainstream society to talk to.

oof, Nosferatu would be so rough the first time.

If memory serves, the Tremere get access to a special apartment in the mage’s sanctum and a clan-related questline.

Goddamn, that was a good game. Flawed, and buggy (although a lot of bugs weren’t really their fault), but so much character and depth.

The Tragedy of Heather is probably one of my favorite sub-stories in any CRPG, ever. Every path leads to misery.

Did anyone ever play Redemption? I can’t tell if it’s dlc, or just a much cheaper game.

I keep hearing that the Bloodlines is buggy, but the version I purchased seem alright (and I was running it on a low-end laptop).

No crashes, no quests dead-ending, etc.

Redemption is a different game that’s kinda like Diablo. I’m personally not a fan of it.

Did you buy the game from GOG? if so then it came patched.

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to clarify kinsei: there’s a fan patch that’s been worked on for the past… 10 or so years that ships with the gog (and i think steam) versions of the game. most of the bugs people remember it for have been ironed out, although its not perfect

Yeah, it was on GOG. Most of the older games I’ve purchased there come alongside fan-approved patches.