Vanquish. Steam. May 25th


ya getting unlocked frame rate, better grafix, support for 4k.



25% off if you already got Bayonetta on Steam so Sega are aware of how to hook people up.

Interesting that the recommended (not min) spec is GTX660 Ti. I am very ready for some DeadEndThrills-style high end visual shots of the game in motion.

Another game to eventually buy in a Steam sale and replace my old 360 copy (while keeping that sweet holographic case art on display).


Never played Vanquish, but I see tons of folks super psyched on this all over the net. What’s the selling point?


It’s Platinum Game’s vision of what a cover shooter can be. So imagine all the cool shit you see from a DMC or a Bayonetta, but apply that logic to a cover shooter.

So you get cool stuff like




Consider me SOLD



Just replayed this at the end of last year, and I am ready for more.

Is it even a cover shooter if you never want or need to be in cover?

Its Godhand with shooting instead of punching.


To me, it’s Shinji Mikami going back to P.N.03 and figuring out how to actually make that work (lovely game, one of the gems of the GameCube but also with plenty of space for mechanical improvements - there was an idea there that never quite came together).

So you get the bombastic action shooter that Platinum are now very well known for.




it’s ostensibly a cover shooter. it introduces itself as one but then unravels the layers quickly from there.


I’ve been meaning to go back to this game ever since I first finished it several years ago. Now seems as good a time as ever to do that. It’s very good for those of y’all who do not know already.


I remember having some frustrations with it, like bullet-sponge enemies and some one-shot kills and frustrating boss fights, but the movement mechanics and the game’s style outdid all of that for me. Vanquish ended up being one of the more memorable shooters I’ve played.

I also didn’t finish it because I think it doesn’t sustain its gameplay loop long enough for what the campaign asks. I think it’s excellent, but it doesn’t hold up from every angle, and you’ll like it if you appreciate things like mobility and high intensity fights that can seem overwhelming. Maybe revisiting it will change my opinion (which is like a distant memory at this point), but fuck, the idea of playing Vanquish again is so appealing.


Really awesome to see that this is finally happening. I just hope the game is as good as people say it is, lol.

Clearly very different games, but Vanquish seems to have a similar “technically a cover shooter, but you really shouldn’t play it like one” kind of situation as Quantum Break.


The one PS3 game I regret not getting to. Glad this is coming to PC.


I’m gonna continue to flog Mark Brown’s Game Maker’s Toolkit videos because they’re great.


…don’t think I ever finished it on the 360, seem to remember that I didn’t fully grasp the “take cover, but also always move” approach. Will gladly will give it another go!


A fantastic series. Video made me super sad I had sold my PS3.


YESSS! I rented this game and adored it but never actually picked it up. I particularly loved the way it controlled, and remember the shooting to be really satisfying. What other games do you think they’ll port next?


Just skip the first part.


Vanquish is such a cool game. I’ve never been a fan of the DMCs or Ninja Gaidens of the world, but I love a good shooter. The fact that Vanquish allowed me to experience the former through the lens of the latter is quite an achievement, and makes it a unique and damn fine game.


I am super stoked about this announcement, however… does anyone else notice that the gameplay isn’t shown running at a solid 60fps in the trailer? The intro and outro text are 60fps, but the actual gameplay footage is somewhere closer to 30 just judging it with my eyes. I’ve waited a few hours for a trailer with 60fps gameplay to be released but it doesn’t seem like it’s coming. Shouldn’t this be worrying?