Vegetarian Recipes etc


So I’m expecting there are a lot of vegetarians/vegans here (certainly including staff) so maybe it’s good to have a big thread of favourite recipes that we enjoy cooking. How do you turn fresh tofu into actual flavoured food? What’s the best dish you like to cook (regularly or as a special)? When you want a burger, which of the many different sorts of veggie burger is your go-to?

I’ll start out with my recent kick (which has been dealing with what looks like some sort of amino acid deficiency or at least my health has rebounded by balancing and increasing my protein intake in the last few months) and something I didn’t really think of as something for anyone outside of body builder dudes: split pea protein extract. It’s a really great base (whisked into water or sauce to thicken) or flour for so many dishes which tastes like split pea soup (maybe unsurprisingly but you worry that being an extract that maybe the flavour was part of the fat and carbs that aren’t included).

What discoveries have you made recently or just what’s your favourite dish?


I’m just going to share this recipe, which has become a favorite of mine for potlucks:

I’ve always skipped making the pasta by hand from flour and just used store bought pasta. Otherwise, the ragu is great and a fair bit of fun to make.

I have a number of friends with lactose intolerance, so it’s been great to share a pasta dish with them that doesn’t have that issue.


My go-to cheap and quick vegetarian protein meal is my white-boy mabodofu. Seitan (or any other textured protein), soft tofu, red pepper, soy sauce, ginger, and Chinese five spice. Toss the first two into a skillet or wok or pot until they’re nice and hot, add soy sauce, stir, add red pepper, stir again, add ginger, stir again, add five spice, stir again. Serve. Good for a few meals when going solo, and the ingredients cost a few bucks tops.

I’ve definitely also used less ethical protein sources before but tbh this actually comes out best with the seitan in my experience

You can make the sauce as authentically as you want, of course, but them’s the fundamentals.


Oh and if you use a much firmer tofu in large slices, add veggies to taste, and make it a tad less spicy/savory, you get something closer to Okinawan chanpuru


I’m not a vegetarian myself, but I’m trying to eat meat in only one meal a day. So I’ve been cooking out of Power Vegetables by Peter Meehan. Everything has been absolutely delicious so far. I really don’t like his writing in the blurbs, but the recepies themselves have been completely on point.
My favorite fast vegetarian recipe is miso soup with whatever vegetables I have in the fridge. It’s great with kale and potatoes.


As I’ve just had it, a very basic but pretty complete (40g protein so scale back if you don’t need much protein in your diet) cauliflower cheese comfort food meal (per person):

  • 350g cauliflower (boiled)
  • 30ml tamari soy sauce
  • 30ml olive brine
  • 50ml warm water
  • 30g pea protein
  • 40g (cashew) soft cheese

Add everything but the cauliflower and hand whisk with smoked paprika and fresh chives to taste. Then fold in and break the florets with a fork.


I don’t use Blue Apron anymore but I still really love this recipe:


Vegan with a Vengeance taught me how to deal with tofu, I really suggest everyone look that book up.

Lately my go to food has been a simple Indian-ish style dish.
It’s a simple recipe:

  • Red lentils
  • A mix of beans
  • Chopped onion and garlic
  • Minced tomatoes
  • Coconut milk or cream
  • A whole lot of spices, from curry to pepper. Experiment with these

Just put them in a frying pan. If you want to spoil yourself prepare some raita and Naan bread in addition.


Yo, put a couple teaspoons of soy sauce in there. Treat yourself!


Smitten Kitchen’s Chana Masala is a real winner.


My wife and I’s go to veggie burger is this Chipotle Sweet Potato Burger from Budget Bytes. Just had it last weekend to celebrate the nice weather we were having. The chipotle makes it feel smoky and savory, that goes great with the sweet potato and beans. Like to put a nice sharp cheddar on it.

Also, Budget Bytes in general is a good resource for veggie recipes.


Not vegetarian myself, but a friend of mine ran a vegan food blog a while back, and while it is no longer being updated, there is a back catalog of posts that you can browse through.

Sorry I don’t have any personal experiences to contribute to the conversation, but maybe you might get some ideas through the blog! Hope it helps!


Does anyone have some fun, simple recipes they’d like to share involving tempeh? I have three packs from Trader Joe’s and I always like to hear from people before I seek out online recipes.


Budget Bytes is how I’m doing it. Haven’t even bought a morning star product at this point.

I feel like the key to getting through the beginning portions of being a vegetarian is to stay away from foods that are trying to be meat. There are plenty of cuisines that are largely vegetarian friendly. Look at Indian food, and many East Asian dishes for some super delicious examples of vegetarian, or easily convertible to vegetarian fair.

However, I’m not going to pretend I don’t plan on smashing some Morning Star Corn Dogs in a while. Summer is coming, and breaded protein on a stick tastes great.


Cauliflower is the most delicious and nutritious vegetable and is slept on 24/7. Eat some fucking caramelized cauliflower, that shit is so good. Fuck bitter greens.


This is the bomb


Brassica oleracea are, without a doubt, many of my favourite foods.

Brussel sprouts, various cabbages, kale, cauliflower, broccoli: it’s all good.


I’ve been on a biscuits and gravy kick recently (I made a batch of biscuits and have too many Field Roast sausages). I used the Minimalist Baker biscuit recipe with some nutritional yeast thrown in, and for the gravy I basically just brown the field roast sausages, add flour to absorb the oil, pour in milk (dairy or non, I use unsweetened almond milk and its pretty good) until it’s the consistency you want, then add salt/pepper/paprika etc (I tried Cinnamon and red pepper today and it was doooooope), then pour it over the biscuits. Probably not super healthy, but it’s easy comfort food :sweat_smile:


I like tempeh more than tofu for stuff like stir fry and tacos/other sandwich like food delivery systems. Doesn’t need to be marinated as much or drained.


No recipes to drop right now, but one of my favourite ways to use tofu is to just cut it into slices, spice it up with paprika and chilli powder then fry those on medium high heat until both sides get crispy. It’s basically a burger then that you can top with tomato, onions, avocado, lettuce etc.

It’s a real good quick meal, and I think tofu generally works as long as you cook it well and make sure to spice it because it sure does not have a good taste as is.